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What is BCRPA?

The British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association is a not for profit organization dedicated to building and sustaining active healthy lifestyles and communities in BC. Although participation in our Yoga and Pilates teacher training programs will allow you to purchase insurance and teach regardless of whether you choose to register with the BCRPA, there are some benefits to the BCRPA designation, such as:

  • Credibility as a registrant in Canada’s largest fitness organization and part of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA)
  • Includes a general liability insurance
  • Verifies that you have chosen a pilates and/or yoga teacher training program that upholds national standards
  • Access to industry wide job postings on the BCRPA website

How does the Fitness Leader registration program work?

The process to become a Fitness Leader is a bit complicated and should be done in a certain order. The BCRPA website has more details about this process, but these are the steps (in this order):

A. Pass the BCRPA Fitness Theory Examination and Obtain CPR (minimum level A) and First Aid Certifications (minimum Emergency First Aid)

To prepare for the test you can study on your own or take an online course. BCRPA charges a separate exam fee for each attempt to be submitted with your written exam.

B. Register with BCRPA in Fitness TheoryBCRPA certification progression 1

There is a form on the BCRPA website for this registration. BCRPA charges for this registration and you will receive a certificate that states that you are registered with the BCRPA in Fitness Theory. This certificate is valid for one year.

C. Complete a “Speciality Module” course

Feel Good offers two programs that are also registered as BCRPA specialty modules:  the Pilates Teacher Training Level 1 and the Yoga Fitness Leader. The Pilates teacher Training level 1 is the Pilates Fitness Leader module and can be taken as a stand-alone training or as a part of this BCRPA designation.  Please note that if you already have a Yoga Teacher (RYT200 equivalent) or 100 hours of Pilates teacher training designation you may be able to skip this step – contact BCRPA for more information on “grandfathering”.

D. Practicum teaching

Following the completion of your specialty module course, you are required to complete 8 hours of practicum teaching. This practicum must be completed within 365 days of the Fitness Theory certification and after completing the specialty module. You can complete your practicum at the studio or any other site of your choice so long as you obtain the permission of the facility and the instructor(s) whose classes you will be working in (see ICE  form C on the BCRPA website).

E. Complete Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE) Requirements for your Specialty Module

The ICE requirements for the Pilates and Yoga Fitness Leader designations are a written test (see ICE form B on the BCRPA website) and to teach an evaluated class (see ICE form D on the BCRPA website). The ICE must be completed by as Supervisor or Trainer of Fitness Leaders (SFL/TFL). When you are ready to complete the ICE you can arrange this in the studio or with an external evaluator. Please note that the ICE is not included in specialty module programs and needs to be arranged on an individual basis.

F. Register your specialty with BCRPA

Submit copies of the following to BCRPA before your Fitness Theory registration expiry date:

  • Current BCRPA Registration Certificate in Fitness Theory
  • Current CPR and First Aid Certificates
  • Specialty Module Course Completion Certificate from your independent course provider (e.g. Feel Good pilates teacher training or yoga fitness leader course)
  • Completed ICE package with instructor/evaluator signatures and dates (see ICE below)

Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE)BCRPA certification progression 2

To complete the Fitness Leader designation in your specialty you need to complete the ICE (see step E above). There is a separate fee of $140 for marking your practicum and written exam. This fee is to be given to the Senior Fitness Leader or Trainer of Fitness Leaders that you choose to mark your exam.

If you have any questions email us!