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Why We Say Namaste

namaste yoga practice

The word namaste is a common greeting used throughout India, similar to how we in North America may say “excuse me” or “have a good day.” Namaste is frequently used to signify the end of a yoga practice and is most appropriately used when addressing each student individually.

The Light Within the Dark: Yoga After a Miscarriage

Yoga and Meditation for Miscarriage

A miscarriage can be a significantly devastating experience for any woman, both mentally and physically. Many of those who have suffered a miscarriage have reported depression, feelings of unbalance, and anxiety. Physically, there may be soreness, abdominal cramps and various other symptoms. Today, I’d like to suggest some yoga poses and techniques to help women cope during such a difficult time.

The Benefits of Yoga for Seasonal Affective Disorder

yoga meditation for S.A.D

Research shows that one of the main symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is insomnia and poor sleeping patterns which leads to fatigue and tiredness. Practicing a gentle, restorative yoga routine at night will encourage your body, mind and spirit to develop a new sleeping pattern.

Make the Most Out of Your Ride: Yoga for Cyclists


Whether you’re commuting, riding for fun, or in training, bikes are a great mode of transportation that allow us to view the world from a different perspective. However, spending long periods of of time hunched over handlebars with improper form and/or bad posture can lead to a number of injuries caused from chronic tightness in many parts of the body.

A Yoga Journey: Finding Acceptance Through My Hips


I was once told that all our sorrows collect in our hips. The ball and socket joints grind together like a mortar against a pestle, the hip flexors tighten like winches and our muscles coil and stack around them like piles of tangled rope. Our day-to-day steps are quick and measured, the hips stretching open just enough to propel us forward.

Let Your Yoga Practice Keep You Present

Dancers Yoga Pose

The personal practice of yoga is a constant state of progression, but what makes it so beneficial is that the progression is not possible without first fully immersing ourselves in the present moment. In silence, we practice the journey within and discover a present state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

How to Teach Yoga During Personally Difficult Times

Yoga Teacher Training in class, Victoria

Despite popular stereotypes, becoming a yoga teacher does not make you immune to the problems of the real world. However, as a teacher, you always have your yoga with you and can use it to help you overcome your own personal hurdles. Today I’m sharing some ideas about how to maintain your yoga teaching practice during difficult times.

The Difference Between Hatha Yoga and Gentle Therapeutic Yoga

Hatha Yoga Class Victoria

Hatha yoga focuses on physical postures, breathing and meditation while gentle therapeutic yoga is a popular style for people recovering from, or living with injury or illness, or simply for those looking for a calm and relaxing experience. What does your body need today?