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The Importance of Energy: My Personal Journey to Finding the True Self

From age 18 to 28, I suffered through periods of arthritic pain that impacted and disrupted everything I attempted to do, even the most basic things, such as taking a deep breath. I clearly remember moments in which I could not move, think, or breathe. In such moments it was beyond just feeling pain, it was being pain. Then I began to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong…

Path to Teaching Yoga — Learning From My Vikshepas

My path to Teaching Yoga was learning From My Vikshepas. The wikepedia definition of vikshepa is as follows: “A Buddhist term that is translated as “distraction”, “mental wandering”, etc. In the Mahayana tradition, vikṣhepa is defined as the mental motion or wandering towards an object which causes the inability to remain one-pointedly on a virtuous […]

Universal energy

Prana, Qi, Shakti — what do these qualities or phenomenon have to do with yoga practice? Prana is the life force of the Universe. In yoga our Prana is best expressed through our breath. We breathe in life to our bodies through air. By developing an awareness of our breath we can direct the life […]

Laughter Yoga

Laughter can be stimulated as easily as making eye contact with someone; a friend, a family member, when you’re in a nasty situation or an absolutely ridiculous thing happens and you just cannot stop giggling. There have been accounts of people being nursed miraculously back to health from merely laughing, because of the effect it […]

Yoga for Menopause

Yoga for Menopause and Hormonal Imbalance Hormonal imbalance can be the result of many different physiological processes. The Endocrine system and more specifically the Hypothalamus (a small structure at the base of the brain) is responsible for the regulation of many bodily functions including appetite and temperature as well as womens’ menstrual cycles. The Hypothalamus […]

Schools of Yoga

Yoga represents a philosophy of life. A way of living. My primary goal for practising yoga is to attempt to take the lessons I learn on my mat into my daily living. Ultimately I hope to establish and sustain a sense of balance, peace and joy despite my external environment and all the varying and […]

Tantric Yoga as a Form of Self-love!

Purity comes in many forms: mind, emotions, body and spirit. The beauty of yoga is that it can extend (pun intended!) to every single aspect of life, affecting our sense of self-love. It’s perfectly fine to maintain a yoga practice solely for health purposes, but if it’s desirable to you, the benefits can be applied […]

10 Yoga Motivation Tips

Yoga Motivation Tips can help kick start your practice. Motivation to keep up a home practice (or anything that is good for you!) can be challenging for anyone. We tend to make a million and one excuses to avoid doing our yoga even though we know it is the best thing for us – we […]

Triangle Pose in Colwood BC

Triangle Pose Last weekend, Pelle and I decided to travel to the number of different local hotspots to hike and practice yoga. Our two labradors, Ebba and Tundra followed along. On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a beautiful hike up one of the little hills by Thetis Lake in Colwood to do some yoga at the […]

Becoming a Yoga Teacher — Yoga Teacher Training Langford

Interested in Becoming a Yoga Teacher? Getting registered with a provincial or national institution lends credibility to your name and practice as a yoga teacher. The purpose of professional governing bodies is to create, maintain and broadcast performance standards for leaders and teachers, along with promoting fitness, education and community participation in fitness activities such […]

Teaching Thematic Yoga Classes

I have really enjoyed pondering the possibilities of themes for my yoga classes. Just contemplating thematic Yoga classes brings light and energy into my being. The physical benefits of a yoga practice are only a small portion of the entire spectrum of benefits gained from practicing yoga regularly. Incorporating themes into a yoga class brings […]

Teaching My First Yoga Class

Teaching My First Yoga Class — Colwood BC I remember Teaching my first yoga class in Colwood. It was in the little firehall at the intersection of Sooke and Kelly Road. I remember all the details so clearly. All I had for advertising was a little black and white sandwich board on Sooke Road so […]

Yoga: How to Embrace Change

Riding the waves of change on the yogic surfboard Great is the matter of birth and death; impermanence surrounds us. Be awake each moment; do not waste your life. – Buddhist mindfulness verse It is human nature to crave security so we need to ask ourselves how to embrace change. From the moment we are […]

Mountain Pose Tadasana — Symbolism

Sanskrit translation of Tadasana Tada means mountain. Asana means posture. Symbolism of Mountain Pose Ascending a mountain requires stamina and strength. Think of Mount Everest and the many climbers who have been drawn to the physical challenge of climbing it. In Indian mythology, Mount Kailas, with its two lakes — one shaped like the sun […]

Yoga Teacher Insurance

It can be overwhelming as a new yoga teacher training graduate to choose the best insurance company. I have written the following article to help make the task of aquiring the right Yoga teacher insurance for you easier. There are of course many more insurance companies to choose from than I can list here. It […]

Meditation Techniques

Why would one practice Meditation techniques? Let’s start with what it is, the wikepedia definition of meditation is as follows: “Meditation is the practice in which and individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit, or as an end in itself.” What I have learned thus far is […]

Yoga Teacher Training: Choosing a Yoga Alliance

As my yoga teacher training program was coming to an end, I began to research each different Yoga Alliance and other professional associations to ascertain the benefits of registration. I discovered that registration is beneficial though not mandatory. After speaking to Laura Phelps (my yoga teacher training director), I began to understand that the main […]