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Sore Stomach? Yoga Can Help

Cobra Pose with Variation

I came across a video in Hindi by a man named Baba Ramdev. Although I do not speak his Hindi, this video highlighted some yoga poses and a breathing technique that would be beneficial for someone suffering from stomach ailments.

Super Brain Yoga

Yoga Chakra Meditation

We all know how great a regular yoga practice can be for the mind and the body, but did you know that some practices can actually help you become smarter?

Enter Super Brain Yoga. Yes, it’s a real thing.

My Top Five Challenging Yoga Poses

As a student of the Feel Good Yoga and Pilates yoga teacher training program, I was lucky enough to receive an in-depth understanding of various poses, however, all the understanding in the world doesn’t necessarily make some poses easy to put to practice.

Today, I am sharing my top five challenging yoga poses and how I work with them in my day-to-day practice.

Yoga’s Influence on Relationships

A couple doing yoga

The practice of yoga is an inward and progressive journey. We become aware of the interconnection between our mental, physical and emotional levels. Gradually, this awareness pours into other aspects of our lives, including into our relationships with others.

Acro Yoga: A Teamwork Experience

Front Bird Acro Yoga Pose

Acro yoga (also called acrobatic yoga) is a form of yoga fusion that combines traditional yoga with acrobatics and dance. Through teamwork, communication, and trust, students work to achieve inversions and balances they may never attempt in a conventional yoga class.

Tap into Divine Power in Your Yoga Practice

Goddess energies can be inspiring and protective but most importantly, they can help us to connect with our sense of Self. Today, I will highlight four popular Hindu goddesses whose energy you can draw from to overcome different challenges.

What They Practice: Celebrities Who Love Yoga

Yoga Pose by Adam Levine

Practiced by over 20 million Americans, it’s no surprise that some of our favourite celebrities are among those hitting the yoga mat. With demanding careers in the spotlight, it makes a lot of sense that many famous faces take solace in uniting their mind, body and souls to stay grounded.

Instead of asking what designers these celebs are wearing, this yogini wants to know what they’re practicing?

Facing My Fears in Crow Pose

Crow Yoga Pose Bakasana

About eight months ago, I attended my first Vinyasa Flow class where I had my introduction to crow pose. In an effort to assist, the instructor let me know that I had probably four months of practice to go before I nailed and held the pose – I was shocked. My ego reared its ugly when I started questioning why a pose that looked so simple seemed impossible for me hold.

Exploring Dahn Yoga

Dahn Yoga Class

Dahn yoga was founded by Ilchi Lee in 1985 and said to place equal emphasis on physical, emotional and spiritual well- being using components of yoga, tai chi and martial arts to do so. However, many have stepped forward to disagree.

Ten Yoga Poses to Avoid During Pregnancy

Yoga poses pregnancy

Yoga has shown to provide many benefits to expectant mothers. A consistent practice while pregnant has been shown to improve birth weight, decrease preterm labour, and decrease pregnancy-induced hypertension. It can also decrease anxiety, increase flexibility, and prepare the body for labour.

What to Consider When Buying a Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat Selection

Traditionally, yoga was practiced without the aide of a mat. It wasn’t until yoga spread to the west, where many people had carpeted floors which made practicing asanas difficult, that the idea of the yoga mat was born.

How Yoga Can Help Keep Your Vibrations High

Yoga Vibrations

Vibrations are a huge part of our life and can be found in everything. In yoga, we often use mantras, chants, or om’s which have different levels of vibrations that can help us achieve various levels of meditative states.

Top 10 Reasons to Love Inversions

There are many benefits to inversions, such as shoulder stands or headstands, not just for the physical challenge, but for the mental one as well. Today I’m sharing my top 10 reasons to give inversions a try in your yoga practice.

My Top 3 Places to Practice Yoga

Yoga Outdoors in Victoria BC

As a lifestyle of many benefits, yoga is amazing because it can be practiced in various surroundings. Three popular locations are studios, at home, or in nature — each being unique depending on the Yogi’s wants and needs.

How to Prepare for Your First Yoga Class

Yoga Class Victoria BC

Like anything new, deciding to attend your first yoga class can be intimidating, however, being prepared can help ensure your experience is a positive one. Whether you’re looking to kick-start a new lifestyle, or are simply curious about trying a class, today’s blog offers some helpful tips for beginners.

What is the Best Way to Meditate?

What is the best way to meditate? This is a highly debated topic in the yoga community. Questions that typically arise involve how to correctly position your body for ultimate meditation, as well as debates over whether the goal is to empty your mind or allow your thoughts to flow freely. The belief that we must sit like a pretzel for hours and hours, with our legs twisted up in lotus position in order to engage in effective meditation may be one reason why many people shy away from meditating.

Benefits of a Live Yoga Class

Yoga class Victoria BC

The rise in free online resources for a yoga practice has opened the world of yoga to more people than ever and this is fantastic! However, relying entirely on these resources may cause you to miss out on an integral part of your yoga practice, especially if you are a beginner to yoga. Participating in a yoga class with a certified yoga instructor offers so many benefits both physically and spiritually to beginners of yoga.

Men and Yoga

Yoga for Men

Why do men practice yoga less than women? Why do more men get injured more often and more seriously than women? I reflected back on the yoga classes I have taken and had to admit there were actually very few men in attendance. I was so involved in my own practice that I never really noticed how the men were doing. It made me wonder, would men come to my class?

Why We Say Namaste

namaste yoga practice

The word namaste is a common greeting used throughout India, similar to how we in North America may say “excuse me” or “have a good day.” Namaste is frequently used to signify the end of a yoga practice and is most appropriately used when addressing each student individually.