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Eco-brands Defy Doghair at Yoga Clothing Boutique

Looking for an ethical local sportswear store where you can find an eclectic, unique variety of yoga clothes, all manufactured and produced here in Canada? Eureka!!! Today I found one and would like to share my experience with you!Breathe

The moment I walked into Breathe Athletic, my heart leapt at the variety of brands and styles. Just to the right of the entrance way were a wide array of some of the most dazzling yoga pants I have ever seen. Each pair was entirely unique with large patches of colors covering the lower bell- bottomed leg.

If you are like me and are still finding these Victoria summer days a little cool, you will be happy to cozy up cozy up in colourful hoodies. One of my favourite finds during my shopping adventure was an incredibly soft short-sleeved Tonic sweatshirt made out of bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo is a pesticide free renewable resource that feels absolutely divine next to the skin.

And if you have the good sense to pay Stephanie a visit at Breathe, don’t forget to check out the Karma clothing! Largely made of soft, renewable fabrics as well, an added bonus for me is that the hairs from my two labradors do not stick to the fabric as they do to the more synthetic brands. I don’t know what it is about the synthetic fabric, but the hair of my labradors just gets a hold on it and will not let go. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to roll it out with those usually quite effective lint rollers; the hair just will not budge! Even picking the hair out one at the time is almost impossible. With tonic and karma, I can go and teach my yoga classes without looking like a well used (albeit fashionable) dog bed.

Adding to the pleasure of finding so many gorgeous new yoga clothes was the long chat I enjoyed with the owner of Breathe, Stephanie Hinton. Stephanie embodies integrity, warmth and dedication to her clothing and her clients. Inspired to start her own yoga business due to the positive impact yoga had on her life and health, Stephanie is 100% committed to selling locally manufactured, ethically made clothing so that women can look fantastic and feel good about their clothing in every way possible.

My yoga wish for you today is that you will embrace individual style and treat yourself like I did to Breathe’s wide variety of cuts, styles, colors and fits. Remember that if we want a wide variety of yoga clothes to be available to us, then we need to support daring, creative entrepreneurs like Stephanie with our business while they are new kids on the block. Yoga clothing is a highly competitive business, and being the owner of any start-up is not easy. Do something nice for yourself and your local business community by paying Stephanie a visit.

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