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40 Day Challenge 2019!

February 1, 2019 to March 12, 2019

Time: Kick off class -8:45am Pilates Barre

Location: 127-2745 Veterans Memorial Pkwy

Cost: $99 for the 40 day challenge pass (for ALL classes)

Kick Start Your Practice in 2019!

Friday February 1st – Tuesday March 12th 


The Challenge: Attend 30 Classes in 40 days

Join us for our 2019 40 Day Challenge! Kick start and bring your practice back to life!  During this time of year we have often already fallen off track from our intentions or resolutions we set at the end of 2018. We invite you to join the Feel Good Yoga & and Pilates community for the 40 day challenge. Together we can support each other and offer that extra little nudge to help you towards your goals. 

They say it takes 40 days to make a significant change and start a new habit.  We would be thrilled to help you transform and attain your goals. Whether it be to cultivate strength, calmness, focus, better digestion or whatever you are personally working on, we are here to facilitate your wellness.


Challenge Details:

Kick off Date:  Fri Feb 1st – Tues March 12th

Pass Details: If you currently have an unlimited pass you are welcome to join the challenge.

If you do not have an unlimited pass you can purchase the 40 day pass HERE for $99+tax for the challenge.

Contests & Prizes: Everyone who attends 30+ classes within the 40 days will be automatically entered into our in- studio contest. 

ALL drop-in classes are part of the challenge, and remember there are 10 days where you can choose to practice or take a day off and rest, or maybe you have holidays planned, this will allow you to still be part of the challenge.

Multiple classes a day (if you want to make up a class) is acceptable for the challenge – please listen to your body’s wisdom, if you need a break take one.

Expect daily motivation and wellness tips on our FACEBOOK page to keep you going!

Staff & instructors may enter challenge, however cannot be entered into the draw for prizes or collect rewards.


PLUS!!! We have a couple added bonuses this year

Kick off your 40 day Challenge with a Free Week

February 1 – 6 is our annual Free Week! All regular drop in classes are totally free! Our talented and friendly teachers will welcome you no matter what fitness level you have. Everyone is welcome at the free week, whether you are continuing on with the 40 Day Challenge or not. Bring you family, friends and co-workers to free week and experience what Feel Good Yoga & Pilates has to offer. Find out more on our Free Week page.

Earn Money Toward Future Classes 

This year, you have the options to opt-in to rewards. We will pay you $1 for every class you book online and attend. This money will be stored on your account and can be used towards the purchase of anything at the studio including class passes, retreats and events, retails items or pre-registered classes.  Here are the rules for these rewards and how to get them. 

  1. In order for the rewards to be added to your account, you must book your classes online. For every class booked online and attended $1 will be added to your account. There is no maximum but point collections will stop after the 40 day challenge
  2. Rewards can only be earned during the 40 Day Challenge period.
  3. Minimum point balance to be able to redeem is $30. So in order to be able to spend you points, you must attend the 30 (or more) classes in 40 days. 
  4. Points do not have cash value and can not be given to clients in the for of cash or refunds. 
  5. All points will expired after 90 days of the day they were collected. So must be spent before that date or are forfeited. 
  6. Classes that are booked online but not attended do not earn points.
  7. Classed that are attended, but not booked online prior, do not earn points.



1. How do I view my points? Instructions Here

2. Do I have to Opt-in to get rewards? Yes! When you go to book your first online class for the 40 day challenge, upon signing into your account, you will be asked if you want to opt-in to rewards under the rewards tab. 

3. Can I use my points for purchases online? Yes! When you go to check out online, if you have enough points that you have reached the redeemable amount, then it will ask you if you want to use your rewards points for the purchase. 

4. Can I use my points towards discounted items? No, only full/regular price items are available to be purchased with rewards

5. How do I book classes online? Follow this LINK and sign in to your account. Then find the class you wish to attend under the FGY CLASSES tab and click “sigh up now”

6. I don’t have an online account, how can I get one? Use the link in question #5 to create an account. If you have already been attending the studio, but don’t have an online account and its giving you trouble. Emails us at info@feelgoodyogavictoria.com and we will help 🙂

7. What if I attend a class but forgot to sign up online first, will I still get the points?  No, sorry. The purpose of this program is to encourage clients to use our online systems. We will not be able to add points after the class was attended. 

8. What if I earn less than $30 in points? Point amounts under $30 will not be eligible for redemption and will expire. We have this point program in place to encourage the participants of the 40 Day Challenge to accomplish the goal of 30 classes in 40 days. 






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