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Facebook Signup

How to sign up for Facebook and join our fan page

Facebook sign up – step by step

1. Go to www.Facebook.com

Fill in the information under “Sign Up” Facebook

2. Security challenge

To prove that you are a person you will have to fill in the letters every now and then. Then click on the green “Sign Up” button below. not_a_bot

3. Find friends on Facebook (or not)

In the next step you can search all you emails for friends that are on Facebook already. To skip this step click on “skip this step” at the bottom right. You can always come back to this function later. find yoga friends

4. Fill out your profile

Here you can add more information about yourself such as schools and employments, or you can “skip” this page for now. about you

5. Upload a profile picture

This picture will show up on you facebook page, often a picture of yourself, and will also become a small icon that will show up next to everything you post on facebook. It is easy to change or you can skip it all together. Profile picture

6. Confirm your email

Almost done. Facebook has now sent you an email asking you to confirm the sign-up. confirm   Click on the green button “Complete Sign-up” in the email confirm   You are now signed up on Facebook and can go on to…

7. Find Feel Good Yoga & Pilates

There is a little search field on the top of the page. Type in ” Feel Good Yoga & Pilates” then click on the search.

8. Click on the “Like” button

9. Another security test…

Fill in the letters shown in the box and click “Submit”

10. Go to the Feel Good Yoga & Pilates page

11. DONE!

An easy way back here is www.Facebook.com/FeelGoodYogaPilates   If this did not work out or if you have any questions about this process or Facebook send us an email.