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Facing My Fears in Crow Pose

About eight months ago, I attended my first Vinyasa Flow class where I had my introduction to crow pose.  In an effort to assist, the instructor let me know that I had probably four months of practice to go before I nailed and held the pose – I was shocked.

My ego reared its ugly when I started questioning why a pose that looked so simple seemed impossible for me hold. I could balance quite well in other poses, what was it about this one that made it so unreachable?

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”
Salvador Dali

As I started to practice more often, and slowly stopped worrying that I couldn’t do it on the first try, I actually got the know the pose. What I discovered is that crow pose, much more than some poses, requires a clear mind and strong drishti.

Crow Pose BakasanaWhen I gave up the idea of having to perfect it, I found that falling forward several times, face first, really helped my understanding of the balance point in the pose. By simply adding a soft blanket or pillow, the fear of falling out of the pose went away.

Practice works, and to this day, I’m still working toward my perfect crow pose. What I’ve learned is that unless you face your fear of perfection, and make the pose (or any other goal)  you are trying to master a part of your daily practice, you will see very little progress. Small steps are best because they give you something to work towards – even if it takes years.

Don’t give up because that voice telling you can’t, is only  in your head.


Author: Joywin
Editor: Sarah Head

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