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How to write a Google+ review

Just like Facebook Google have a social share – Google+. The idea is that you will share what you like and other will find the good places easier.

Here are some step by step instructions how to get started reviewing your favourite places:

1. If you do not have a gmail account you will need to sign up for one. Here is one link: sign up for gmail.googleplus

2. If you have a Gmail account you need to activate your Google+ profile. Log in to your Gmail and click on the 3×3 symbol up to the right and then on the G+ symbol (to the right):

3. The first time you use your G+ you will answer some questions – most you can skip. You can find your own sites to follow later.

Google plus follow4. Go to a Google+ site you like. For example the Feel Good G+. It will look something like this (to the left):

5. Now you can click on the Follow button to be part of the Feel Good G+ community.

6. To get to the reviews click on the little pencil symbol OR click on the About tab.

7. Writing a review. Be genuine about what you like about a place. How it makes you feel, what it looks like, favourite teachers/classes, how it makes others feel, why you go to this place, etc. Google have some recommendations on how to write a great review.

8. Select the number of stars.

9. Don’t forget to press Publish (you can go back and edit your review later if you want).

10. There is one more thing you can do with your G+ (on top of Follow a place and writing the review) – you can G+ websites, blogs, etc. For example at the bottom this page there is a G+ symbol next to the blue Facebook Like button. If you click on one of them you have the option to write something or just recommend the page. The more G+ a page has the more likely it is that it will recommended to others –  so G+ away! But only one plus per page – “plussing” a second time removes the recommendation.


Note: This is how it worked on Dec 3, 2013. If you see that things have changed let us know.