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How Yoga Can Help Keep Your Vibrations High

Vibrations are a huge part of our life and can be found in everything. At Feel Good Yoga and Pilates, we often use mantras, chants, or om’s which have different levels of vibrations that can help us achieve various levels of meditative states.

The Difference Between High & Low Vibrations

Yoga VibrationsLow vibrations are often associated with heavy or sad feeling such as depression, anger or rage. They can be found in alcohol, and in unhealthy food full of preservatives.

On the other hand, high vibrations are associated with with happier, more cheerful and good feelings. It’s no surprise that operating at a higher vibration has more of a positive effect on your body and mind.

Luckily, you can do a lot to minimize low vibrations in your life such as watch less sad, or scary tv, read happier books, and regularly practice yoga.

The Meditative & Happy State

There are many ways to adjust your own vibrations during a yoga practice. Something as simple as focusing on your breath and sending it to different areas of your body is helpful.

Meditation, in particular, is a strong tool to incorporate into your yoga practice to benefit you in endless ways, including increasing your vibrations. The sound of Om is said to be the universal vibration of the world, and at 136.1 Hz, its frequency activates the Anahata (heart chakra) which is amazing for meditation.

I also believe just emitting positive thoughts, and sending out words of love and happiness to others and yourself during your practice can help to keep your vibrations high.

In life we all go through waves of happiness and joy, despair and sadness. We get tested on our strength and ability to fight battles, stay strong, and keep moving forward. Sometimes life can become overwhelming, and it can be hard to stay on a high vibration, it is during these times that your yoga and meditation practice will be the key to getting you back on track.

As the Beach Boys said, “gotta keep those lovin’ good vibrations.”

Author: Emmi Redlin
Editor: Sarah Head

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