Our team vision is to foster a wellness mindset and help our community to achieve their ultimate health, wellness and fitness potential.

Alisa Lewis

Alisa’s teaching style is gentle and introspective. Her classes embrace the interconnectedness of body, mind, and breath. Alisa holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Alberta. She was drawn to teach yoga by the sense of connection and gratitude she felt in her own practice. Aiming to share this with others, Alisa completed her 200-Level Yoga Teacher Training upon moving to Vancouver Island in 2013 and is currently in the process of completing her 500-Level Yoga Therapy training with Ajna Yoga. 
Alisa’s classes offer a welcoming space to soften, become present, and explore. The use of props is encouraged, and support and modifications are offered to those experiencing limited mobility. Her foremost goal is to share the practice in a way that is accessible to all: to meet people where they are, as they are.

Andrea Durie

I am a super energetic mom of two little kids! I found my newest passion with Yoga and Pilates, and continue to fall in love with every aspect of both practices. I am a RYT 200 hr teacher as well as a Pilates Mat instructor, Certified through Feel Good Yoga and Pilates, and I have taken my Barre training through Alive. With my background in massage therapy over the past ten years, I have extensive training in anatomy and muscle movement. I am certified in Shiatsu, and Deep Tissue Acupressure bodywork, Reflexology, and Relaxation Massage, with a Diploma in Holistic Health. My history with massage and the world of wellness kept taking me further towards the path of self healing, with Yoga and Pilates showing me how to guide the breath to facilitate our own internal worlds of balance and peace. I feel complete when I’m practicing and that feeling pours into my life and allows me to fulfill my dreams as a teacher and mother. When I’m not with my kids or working I’m hiking, swimming, kayaking or just generally trying to get lost in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest coast we call home! I love to teach a fun class that is challenging and allows you to push yourself, while offering safe modifications and levels.

Ashley Harrison Schram

Ashley’s career first started when she fell in love with yoga in her teens. She was immediately entranced by the effects of joining movement and breath. A few years later Ashley discovered Pilates and it naturally became part of her practice. She has now been practicing both yoga and Pilates for over 12 years. Ashley’s desire to help people connect to their bodies and improve their health led her to attain RYT 200 certificate from Feel Good Yoga and Pilates and the Yoga Alliance in 2016. The following year Ashley completed a Pilates Mat Level One Teacher Training with Dana Carter Fitness and Shelbourne Physiotherapy. This program had an emphasis on the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates with special attention shown to injuries and illnesses. Ashley has a passion for assisting those with injuries, illnesses or chronic pain with learning to find safe and health movement patterns. Ashley’s focus is to deliver whole body healing and a full workout while providing modified options for pain free movement.

Jenny Hindley

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Jenny Hindley lives with her two children and husband in Shawnigan and Cowichan Lake. Jenny’s first yoga class was in 2006, when she was registered in a prenatal class. She fell in love with the practice and it was an easy transition to start in a post-natal class after her first child was born. In 2010, Jenny’s love for fitness spurred her to take her BCRPA training for Fitness Theory, and Group Fitness. She taught outdoor bootcamp classes until June 2012 when she got certified through Feel Good Yoga and Pilates for her Yoga, Pilates, Reformer and Chair! Currently she teaches Yogilates, Baby and Me Yoga, Pilates and Toddler Yoga classes. Jenny has a love for making her classes inclusive so everyone can join, and while they are challenging, she makes them safe, fun, and light-hearted.

Peggy Fok

Peggy Fok, C-IAYT, RYT® 500, E-RYT® 200
Peggy is a Certified Yoga Therapist and an Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Instructor. She is a graduate of Ajna Yoga College.  She teaches group and individual classes. Her teaching focuses in wholistic yoga benefits, breath, mindfulness, alignment and balance (both physical and inwardly) in a fun and supportive environment.  Sharing the joy of yoga, Peggy encourages participants to explore their personal practice through mindful movements in their own pace within their range of motion.

Eve Carty

Eve Carty teaches Candlelight Flow Yoga and is a Yoga Teacher Training assistant at Feel Good Yoga & Pilates. She is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and a member of Canadian Yoga Alliance. She has certifications in, Hatha Yoga (RYT 200),Yin Yoga, 2 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training programs, Aerial Hoop/Lyra Fitness Instruction, Pilates Mat Level 1, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki First and Second Degree. She aims to make her classes fresh, uplifting and fun for all levels. She is friendly, approachable and takes great care with creating a safe and comfortable environment for all her students. She loves sharing the joy of yoga with each and every student that she meets along the way. Eve believes in yoga for life – taking every opportunity to weave the tools and practices of yoga that she has learned into her daily life. She is always looking for ways to deepen her practice and expand her study of yoga by continuously learning – not only from other teachers and colleagues, but from students as well. She is the owner of Levity for Life Yoga and teaches Aerial Yoga and Aerial Hoop at Amethyst Dance & Fitness which are a fun and creative way to increase strength and flexibility!

Holly Newton

Holly is a full time pilates, barre and yoga teacher here in Victoria, BC. She is a functional movement and sequencing fanatic with a long history in fitness scene. Holly first entered the industry by providing personal training and group fitness classes. Her passion rooted into yoga, where she completed her teacher training in Bali, Indonesia.Yoga led to the discovery and love of Pilates, where she trained and certified in Victoria, BC. Barre fitness came as a natural progression of modalities she added to her “tool belt”. As a full time instructor as well as a part time holistic nutrition student, you can find Holly at the studio, teaching and in practice, or in the kitchen, creating. Holly believes in holistic health, treating the body like a temple, inside and out. Her passion for anatomy, alignment and dynamic movement are expressed in her classes where participants feel safe yet challenged. Holly has a contagious zest for life, and is excited to share her knowledge, passion and purpose!

Kirsten Lahti

Kirsten is passionate about bringing yoga to every BODY. She received her 200 hour certification with Feel Good Yoga and is registered with yoga alliance. Kirsten is an ACE certified personal trainer and has been a health and fitness coach for over a decade. Her passion is to help others feel their best buy supporting the body, mind and soul. Kirsten’s yoga practice became a special part of her overall wellness and connected many aspects of her life, she is compelled to share this with others. She is a passionate soul on a mission to bring the meaningful traditions of yoga to the people she has the honour of teaching. Kirsten’s teaching focus is beginner yoga, her classes and energy are fully inclusive and create a safe place for everyone to explore and understand yogic breathing, postures and philosophy

Lynda Lafond

Lynda has been involved in fitness for many years, she raised 3 very athletic boys. Many years ago, Lynda took up Yoga and then discovered Pilates she fell in love with it so much she decided to learn how to teach Pilates then Yoga and that was the beginning. She is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor and a Personal Trainer. She believes that balance in life and fitness is very important, so she went further and took many courses to round out her skills and experience including becoming certified a nutrition advisor Lynda has also taken the Barre certification. Lynda is qualified in the Pilates Method Alliance and the Stott’s Method.

Robert Craig

I began my yoga journey during the summer of 2001. I had just been diagnosed with a bilateral carpal tunnel and was off work trying different therapies to heal my injury. While shopping for a different item I spotted a fitness DVD called Power Yoga by Rodney Yee. I had never tried Yoga but thought the name sounded interesting and maybe it would help my hands. While I never did return to that office job I have stayed with my Yoga practice. It has helped me avoid injuries while working commercial and residential construction as a carpenter, weight lifting, sports and avoid a reoccurrence of my carpal tunnel issues when I took an office job again. The funny thing is like many people starting out a Yoga practice I began strictly looking for the physical benefits: Balance, Endurance and Strength. I didn’t realize that these qualities weren’t just of physical being but also Inner Balance, Mental Endurance and Inner Strength. Years later I started to notice subtle changes in my attitude towards relationships in my life and generally more contemplative view of the world. I have found that my daily practice has truly changed every aspect of my life in someway. Whether it is easily measurable like the physical changes or mental changes they are all profound in their own way. One thing that is absolute is that everyday brings a new opportunity in my practice to find some new aspect of myself that I hadn’t considered before. The ancient Yogis originally designed the Yoga Asana practice to prepare the body for long meditations but I have found that the Practice of the poses themselves is a meditation. I invite you to join me in a regular Yoga practice and explore the possibilities of your own body and mind. My classes are challenging and will leave you feeling calm and centered and ready for the day. Please check out my upcoming classes, I hope to see you soon. Namaste.

Assumpta Murphy

Initially I pursued yoga as a physical practice but as I continued on my path I realised that practicing yoga had become so much more. It was my teacher’s subtle messages and quiet whisperings of the spiritual side of yoga, the philosophy, Sanskrit, mantras, mudras, that called me back over and over again. Yoga felt like home. My heart had found its passion. I committed myself to the practice and completed my first 200 hour Teacher Training Program at Feel Good Yoga with my “yoga whisperer” Laura Phelps, who became my inspiration, mentor and dear friend. I will always be a student of the practice. I am continually studying to improve my knowledge of yoga and anatomy of the body. I have studied with international teacher Esther Ekhart who encouraged me to not only explore and further my teaching abilities but also my own practice. My meditation and pranayama teacher Tracy Uber Cook inspired me to infuse these rituals into my daily practice. Sabrina Mesko guided me through my Mudra Therapy courses and I devoured her knowledge and wisdom of this sacred practice. My Yin teacher Bernie Clarke, his Mantra “Yin is in” goes far beyond the phrase. Yin is in, an inward focused practice where the magic happens, stillness nourishes the soul and the soul is set free. I am very grateful to my teachers for the encouragement, wisdom and the knowledge they have so generously shared with me. My yoga offerings are infused with that which inspires me most, the wonder and wisdom of nature, the cycles of life, the waxing and waning of the moon, and the joy of coming home to oneself. Almost every session I teach will include a focus on Breath, Strengthening, Stretching, Balancing, Healing and Relaxing. You can expect the practice to be woven around intentions. I incorporate mudras and allow time for reflection, renewal, inspiration and stillness. I love getting to know my students, watching them grow into their practice as they grow in their practice. My classes are accessible to everyone and focus on exploration rather than destination. I encourage the use of props to bring the pose to your body. I teach Hatha, Hatha Flow, Gentle Therapeutic, Yin and Restorative. I teach from my heart and am so very grateful to all the students who come to share their beautiful souls, they inspire me more than they could ever know. Namaste When you come to your mat may you find what you are seeking. Close your eyes, breathe, welcome home.