New to the studio? Welcome! Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions people have when they first join our classes.

Do I need to make a reservation before attending a class or can I just drop in?

Although you may be lucky and get into the class you want by dropping in, it is always safer to call ahead of time or sign up online to reserve your spot in a class (you can also click on the signup button next to the class on the schedule page). This is particularly the case for our upstairs classes as they take place in a smaller studio. You will receive a membership card with the barcode from the front desk at your first class. You will use this scan card to swipe in at the front desk before each class. The card is linked to your account keeping track of your classes and purchases. Log into your account here.

Can I try more than one class?

Since there are such a wide variety of classes at Feel Good, we recommend that you purchase an unlimited intro pass so that you can try all the classes you like for an entire week. This will give you the opportunity to discover which classes are perfect just for you.

I am not very flexible. What should I do if I cannot do a pose?

Unlike dance or acrobatics, the most important thing is how the pose feels on the inside. If the instructor sees that you are having difficulty with the posture, she/he will offer you modifications or an alternative pose. Do whatever you need for your body to feel comfortable during class. Even if you just need to lie down and rest for a while, then that is 100% okay. Remember that there is no such thing as being “good” at Yoga or Pilates. It is only important that you walk out of a class feeling better than when you walked in.

What yoga class should I start with?

Most of the classes offered at Feel Good are beginner-friendly. A wonderful introduction to your yoga practice may be Gentle Therapeutic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, or Yogilates Level 1 depending on what interests you. Speak with one our front desk representatives for more assistance if you have any specific concerns. There is also more information on our class description pages.

What is your minimum age as I want to bring my son or daughter to class with me?

We would love to accommodate you, however our min age for ALL classes is 16. Due to the fact we use weights/props, our classes are best suited for adults. We hope to run classes/programs to suit teens and younger in the future, stay tuned to our website.

What do I bring?

You may also find it useful to have a water bottle with you that you fill up at our Hydration Station. The studio has all the mats and props that you may require, but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you like for any other equipment that assists you in your personal practice.
If you are attending a class that will make you sweat, such as power yoga or core challenge, you may want to bring a small towel and water.

What do I wear?

It is very important to practice yoga in comfort! Make sure to wear clothes that provide you with comfort and freedom. Ideally, your clothes should be stretchy, and a little loose something comfortable that allows you to focus inward. For the sake of those with allergies, please avoid wearing any perfumes or other scents inside the studio.

Should I eat before class?

Although you don’t want to practice yoga feeling hungry, it is recommended to eat any larger meals a few hours before your class to allow for time to digest. If you are hungry right before your class then a green drink, a smoothie, fruit and yogurt can be good food choices.

Where do I park?

Parking is available throughout the Reflections parking lot. You can park at the numbered stalls but not where it says reserved or visitors parking (six stalls by the parking entrance). You CAN park in numbered stalls in the courtyard. There is no parking after midnight.

There is also plenty of public parking in the area around the Reflections building:

  • Street parking on Wagar Ave just North of the Reflections building
  • Public parking on Goldstream Ave
  • 100s of parking spots 5 min away on Atkins (don’t walk alone in the dark)
  • Please NO parking in Boston Pizza Parking lot
Where is the entrance?

The entrance to the studio is on the inside of the building facing the Reflections parking lot. Please remember when you are entering and exiting the studio, that there are often two classes held at staggered times. We appreciate your cooperation to keep the lobby as quiet as possible. Check out Google local to find the studio entrance or watch this video of how to find the studio entrance.

Take a virtual tour of the studio

Through Google local you can now click your way through a virtual tour of the studio. To check out the upstairs studio – click on the stairs and follow Laura up.

How early should I arrive?

If it is your first time, it is recommended to come about 15-20 minutes early so you have time to sign a waiver form (or bring it filled in), purchase a pass (if you haven’t already done it online ) and settle in to class. Generally it is good to arrive 5 -10 minutes before class to ensure that you are signed in and settled before class begins. If you are running late, please sneak in as quietly as possible.

How do I cancel a reservation?

You are able to cancel reservations the same way that you make a reservation; either online, or by phone (250) 474-6935, email us or use the contact us form.

How do I access my account

Log in with your user ID and password by clicking on the signup button on the schedule page or follow this link to the online system.

How do I join the online fun?

By Following us on Social Media!

Studio Etiquette
  • Please remember when you are entering and exiting the studio, that there are often two classes held at staggered times. We appreciate your cooperation to keep the lobby as quiet as possible.
  • Please avoid wearing any perfumes or other scents inside the studio.
  • If you are running late, please sneak in as quietly as possible!
  • If you need to leave early, please position yourself close to the door and leave your equipment. The instructor can put it away after the class has finished.
  • Please ask the instructor for help if you are confused or uncomfortable. Yoga and Pilates are a form of moving meditation and so it is very important to avoid talking to your neighbor while the class is in session.