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Chair Yoga Pose – Utkatasana




Utka means fierce and powerful. The Utkatasana is a powerful posture that increases heat in the body. The Muladhara, Svadhisthana, and Manipura chakras are strongly activated in this pose.

Benefits of Utkatasana

  • Builds digestive fire which aids in digestion and massages the abdominal organs.
  • Teaches us to hinge at the hip flexors.
  • Develops strength in the legs and core.
  • Uses deep core muscles to create space between our hips and our ribcage.


  • Avoid cueing your students to practice chair pose as though their back is against a wall. Chair pose should teach us to hinge from the hip crease. This allows us to keep neutral spine and have less tension in the back.
  • Use the support of a wall if you suffer from knee or lower back pain.
  • Low back or hip pain.


  • Start in mountain pose with your feet either together or 6 inches apart.
  • Bend your knees, hinge from the hip crease and allow your seat to stick out behind you.
  • Make sure the knees travel right over the feet.
  • Take particular care that the knees and ankles do not roll inward.
  • Feel your deep abdominal muscles engage further as you sit down into an imaginary chair.
  • Keep a neutral spine – Avoid tucking the tailbone or trying to keep your back straight as though against a wall.
  • Make sure the lower ribcage stays connected to the abdominals (the lower ribs should not stick out).
  • Focus on lengthening in the waist.
  • Feel a natural curve in the back of the neck and that your shoulders relaxed.
  • For more of a challenge lift the arms so that the arms are in line with the torso.
  • Find a perfect point of balance between the muscles on the front and the back sides of your body. Rest into this point of balance.
  • Feel the muscles of your legs hugging the bones.

Preparatory Poses

Counter Poses

Utkatasana-chair-pose-hands-on Parivritta-utkatasana-rotated-chair-pose-twist