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Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose Yoga Pose – Utthita hasta Padangusthasana

Utthita hasta Padangusthasana - Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

Utthita hasta Padangusthasana

[oo-TEET-uh HAWS-tuh POD-ung-goos-TAWS-anna]

Utthita means extended. Pada means foot. Angustha means big toe. Hand to toe pose primarily brings heat and expansion into the body.

Benefits of Utthita hasta Padangusthasana

  • Improves our sense of groundedness and security in the universe.
  • Stretches the hamstrings and adductor muscles of the lifted leg.
  • Improves balance and strengthens the nervous system.
  • Develops strength and proprioception in the muscles of the core.


  • Pain in the legs, ankles or feet.
  • Pain or instability in the hips.
  • Balance issues or vertigo.


  • Stand in mountain pose with your toes touching and your heels half an inch apart.
  • Shift your weight to your left foot and pick your right foot up, bending your knee so that the thigh is at a 90° angle with the shin angled straight downward and the sole of the foot parallel to the earth.
  • Make sure your hips are level and lengthen through your waist.
  • If you need more of a challenge, take the big toe of your right foot with the peace fingers of your right hand.
  • Exhale and extend the right leg so that it is parallel to the earth and a little bit out to the right side (approximately 45° angle).
  • Bring your left arm and hand out to the other side as a counterbalance.
  • Keep the hips level and your pelvis in neutral. In order to do this, some people may need to drop the right hip down a bit.
  • Imagine a thread connected to your heart, subtly lifting your chest toward the sky.
  • Feel space across the front and the back side of the shoulders.
  • Feel a microbend in the knee joint of the standing leg.
  • Release your hand from your toe, lower your foot to the floor and repeat on the other side.

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