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Mountain Yoga Pose – Tadasana




Tada means mountain. Asana means posture. In Indian mythology, Mount Kailas (with its two lakes) symbolizes the two opposing forces of Ha (sun) and tha (moon). These two lakes are like the two streams of psychic energy that in yoga are believed to finally merge and rise in one central channel until the stream of energy reaches the highest level of consciousness or enlightenment. In this way, Kailas symbolizes the axis of the spiritual universe where the two streams of psychic energy (the lakes) merge and reach nirvana.

Benefits of Tadasana

  • Improves sense of groundedness and security.
  • Teaches basic alignment – improves posture.
  • The lifting of the chest expands intercostal area and allows for healthier breathing patterns.
  • This posture can be a powerful tool in helping us to develop witness consciousness.


  • Pain in the legs, ankles, feet or hips while standing.
  • If balance is an issue, lying down is a great modification.


  • Stand with toes touching and heels half an inch apart.
  • Spread and lift your toes, feel all four corners of each foot come into contact with the earth.
  • Maintain this activation of the feet as you gently release your toes onto the mat.
  • Activate your legs by lifting your kneecaps and allowing your muscles to embrace the bones of your legs.
  • Keep your pelvis stable and neutral.
  • Stretch the sides of your body upward, keep your shoulders and arms relaxed.
  • Imagine a thread is attached to the crown of your head, helping you lengthen upwards.
  • Feel the shoulder-blades gently sliding down your back.
  • Lengthen the back of your the neck, nose in line with your bellybutton and chin parallel to the earth.
  • The knee joints are extended, but be sure not to hyper-extend.
  • Visualize the domes of the skull, the rib cage, the pelvis and feet floating one on top of the other.

Preparatory Poses

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