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Warrior One Yoga Pose – Virabhadrasana One

Warrior 1 - Virabhadrasana One Pose

Virabhadrasana One


Vira means brave and bhadra means virtuous. As you assume this pose, think of your arms holding a sword above the head that can cut through obstacles. Think of whatever is holding you back in life and believe in your ability to overcome it.

Benefits of Warrior 1

  • Tones the internal organs.
  • Develops flexibility in the hips and shoulders and enhances the stability of these joints.
  • Beneficial for clients suffering from osteoporosis.


  • Recent stroke or heart disease should avoid lifting arms overhead.
  • Vertigo or balance issues.


  • Start in mountain pose with your toes together and your heels half an inch apart.
  • Slide the left foot back into pyramid stance as though you are drawing a line in the sand.
  • Keep your hips square to the front.
  • Make sure to emphasize that your students should slide their foot back as far as possible. Otherwise, many clients will feel uncomfortable and experience poor alignment. The foot can slide back quite far with the hip still square!
  • Allow your back foot to be turned out ever so slightly.
  • Make sure to avoid crossing your back foot behind your front foot. Crossing the feet causes balance issues. Keeping the feet on two tracks also helps to create space for the many nerves weaving in and out of your sacrum and will create clearer lines of energy.
  • Bend your front knee, keeping the knee in line with the foot.
  • Avoid allowing the front knee to go past the ankle.
  • Activate the muscles of the legs. Feel your thigh muscles hugging your femurs.
  • Press all four corners of the feet into the earth, as your heart lifts to the sky.
  • With the palms facing each other, bring your arms and hands forward and then overhead.
  • Avoid over-arching the lower back by engaging the Bandhas.
  • To come out of the asana, release your arms to your sides and step the back foot forward to meet the front foot in mountain pose.

Preparatory Poses

Counter Poses

warrior 1 pose with a sword