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Yoga Teacher Trainee Testimonials

Teacher Trainee Testimonials from our Feel Good Alumni:

This yoga teacher training program will enrich your practice and your life

I have taken both the Yoga and the Pilates Teacher Training through Feel Good Yoga and Pilates. I would recommend both these courses to anyone wishing to pursue a career in the health and fitness field. They are both excellent and Laura Phelps (the owner of Feel Good and director of these teacher training programs) is a warm, caring, person and an expert in both fields. I believe anyone could benefit from taking the Feel Good yoga teacher training program. If you are interested in developing a personal practice, you will come to realize that the philosophy of yoga is accessible and empowering. If you are interested in teaching yoga, this program provides you with the practical knowledge, structure and support to become an excellent teacher. Regardless of whether you are new or experienced… this yoga teacher training program will enrich your practice and your life. – Corissa Sivorot

Amazing how many of my injuries have healed

Both manuals are very detailed and practical and provide interesting information. I love the energy, soothing colors and vibe at the studio. All the staff at Feel Good are very sweet and helpful. I would tell any person that is interested in yoga as a personal practice for as a career to take this amazing course! It has really changed the way I see my surroundings. It is amazing how many of my injuries have healed over the past few months. – Lauren Wills

This yoga teacher training course is a gift!

This yoga teacher training course is a gift! There are so many things I loved about the program! The manuals are so comprehensive — I will be keeping mine safe and close by for future reference. Laura’s method of having us learn to teach the positioning of the feet (stances) is so helpful because the feet provide the foundation for alignment in the rest of the body. Learning about adjustments and alignment is such an important aspect of teaching and the stances made it easy and informative.

Feel Good is a special, light space – everyone feels peaceful and at home. I loved the yoga philosophy and theory aspect of the program. I loved the pranayama and meditation that we did on a daily basis.

Anyone wishing to really deepen their practice should attend! My practice has grown and I have changed for the better in so many ways. As to being prepared for teaching, I feel confident and excited to step into this new path! Thank you Laura! You are awesome! Thank you also to all your amazing teachers – such beautiful souls! The guest instructors are really helpful and instructive! – Wendy Balfour

The manuals are excellent

It was nice getting a different perspective from all the guest instructors and enjoying all the different types of classes. The manuals are excellent – they cover lots of information, are well written and are easy to read. The yoga philosophy section had a huge impact on me! I really enjoyed the chance to get so much instruction on alignment and adjustments and get the chance to try them all out. It was wonderful to get the opportunity to have access to so many different meditations. I loved this yoga teacher training course! It opened up a whole new depth to my practice. The considerable attention to alignment, anatomy and sequencing has impacted my home practice and set me up to feel confident teaching. Laura created a wonderful, warm space for internal transformation and learning! – David Blasby

A wonderful flow to the teaching methodology

I really enjoyed the variety of classes and instructors. The poses and theory manuals are excellent! The studio is inviting, and nice temperature and very clean. I found the yoga philosophy and theory very enjoyable. Learning the stances ahead of time created a great foundation. I liked how we spend a lot of time on the poses as it provided a good opportunity to feel confident with teaching and adjustments. The pranayama and meditation was both enjoyable and insightful and help to create an amazing learning environment. There was a wonderful flow to the teaching methodology section and Laura did a great job in teaching us how to create a sense of unity and flow in our class sequencing. The payment plan provided me with the opportunity to participate and for this I am so grateful!
This course was truly inspirational and life-changing! I would recommend it to anyone looking for personal growth or interested in teaching. I know I will never look at the world in the same way! Amazing! – Amy Simpson

The stances are sheer genius

This is a fantastic yoga teacher training program! I loved, loved, loved the guest instructor classes! Feel Good has created so many inspiring, creative teachers to learn from! The studio is beautiful and serene and so much information was imparted. I will always use my manuals when designing a class for a group or personal use. I liked how the anatomy was incorporated into the poses section of the course. I thought the stances are sheer genius – they simplify teaching by making the foundation for the poses clear and concise. It was also great to have the stances midterm early on. The adjustments for fun to do and there was always a great explanation of alignment. I liked the general flow of the course and how we would alternate between being active and then seated throughout the day. It was a great pacing of events with the course being scheduled for every other weekend and I thought it was great that we always had five yoga classes each weekend!
There was also a nice mix of individual studying, group presentation and lecture format which also made the time fly by… almost too fast, I think! – Joni Christman

–> Here is a link to a short video explaining the stances

Love myself like I never had before

My favorite quote has always been “we accept the love we think we deserve” but now it has a whole new meaning for me. I can really love myself like I never had before and this is all thanks to my yoga family at Feel Good!

The studio is clean and organized with lots of wonderful, natural light. Laura did an excellent job of imparting her many, many years of experience in teaching multilevel classes. We certainly received very thorough instruction in so many areas of yoga philosophy and alignment – it is very nice to get help from an experienced instructor as to what could hurt someone and what feels good. – Ashley Drew

I am so glad now that I waited for the right time and training

I have always wanted to do my yoga teacher training certification and to one day be a yoga teacher. I am so glad now that I waited for the right time and training to present itself.

The structure of the course is easy to understand and put into practice. The manuals and materials are clearly written and very useful for planning classes. The studios always clean with a great selection of high-quality props. It was very beneficial to learn so much about adjustments and alignment. The assignments give me insights into new topics and hearing other presentation sparked an interest in me to research further.

There was a great balance of theory and practice. I also loved the guest teachers and presentations and learn so much from the variety of teachers and their styles. I have gained so much and I know for confidence to teach yoga and inspire others. – Jesslyn Miller

This program has changed my life!

This program has changed my life! It has not only given me more knowledge about yoga, but has also guided me to understand my true self in an engaging, loving, supportive community. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in teaching yoga or looking for more of an understanding of themselves and as a way to defend their personal practice. – Tonya

I gained much more than yoga teaching skills

Before I signed up for the Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training program, I felt I had the potential to be a good yoga teacher, but potential is not the same thing as skill and knowledge. I also needed confidence in the poses, a thorough understanding of body mechanics, modifications, contraindications, how to connect the asanas with the wide body of yoga theory and practices and how to successfully deliver a class. This program has been excellent in giving me this confidence. The texts provided are detailed treasures and completing the yoga teacher training program over eight months has allowed it all to seep in.

Above all else, if there is one reason I would recommend the Feel Good Yoga teacher Training program over any other, it is the integrity, passion and joy that Laura brings to her teaching. She is a delightful person – knowledgeable, gracious and light-hearted. Through the Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training program, I gained much more than yoga teaching skills; by Laura’s example, I gained insight into living a yogic life. – Jennifer Girard

I feel so confident

I can’t believe how much I have learned during this yoga teacher training program! Laura’s curriculum, interactive techniques and lively PowerPoints made learning easy and fun!

The posture manuals are amazing — great cues and photos containing everything you could possibly need to know about each posture. Learning modifications for illnesses and injuries has given me the confidence to teach a wide variety of students. Learning how to give effective adjustments has helped me to connect on a deeper level with my students. I feel so confident in my ability to deliver adjustments in a safe, effective manner.

There is also a powerful, spiritual element to Laura’s teaching which I know will allow me to live a fuller, more peaceful and joyful life. Laura to helping us discover the light within ourselves that now shines brighter than ever.

The Yoga Teacher Training course has changed my life in so many ways that I could not have imagined. The wide variety of guest instructors and styles has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of yoga and the room for personal growth within that. It is hard to believe that I am now a successful yoga and pilates teacher myself here at the studio with new possibilities around every corner.

The studio and the teachers create such a bright, welcoming, positive and caring environment. Laura is an amazing instructor who teaches from the heart and really cares that you learn everything you need to know about the postures and teaching in a safe, enjoyable way. She shares her love and knowledge of yoga in such a way that it is awe inspiring. – Sandra Smith

A set of friends that are like family to me

When I first started teacher training I was feeling very ill physically and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to complete the course, but Feel Good Yoga did everything possible under the sun to make sure that I would feel comfortable. My illness improved a little bit more than a little bit more and now I am happy and relieved to say that I am healthy again. My practice and knowledge of yoga has deepened and I feel well-equipped to teach a yoga or pilates class to people with different skills, parameters and abilities. One of the greatest strengths of the Feel Good Program is that it teaches many modifications and variations so that I can teach a wide variety of classes to a wide variety of people, even those suffering from illness or injury.

Not only am I now a Yoga and Pilates instructor at Feel Good Yoga, I also have a new set of friends that are like family to me. This program completely turned my life around! Thank you so much! – Piia Swift

A strong foundation

Laura is truly an angel. Her care and compassion for everyone she meets makes her a wonderful teacher. She is truly a friend from “hello”. As we continue to explore the world of yoga and self-discovery, we do so knowing we have a strong foundation. Thank you for this wonderful experience! – Adrienne MacDougall LeCour

Open the doors of yoga to everyone

This course was the most well thought out, comprehensive and well balanced that I have ever had the pleasure of taking. All aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual teachings were well addressed in the course. It was wonderful how we were taught to open the doors of yoga to everyone regardless of how injured or ill. The manuals are amazing and I enjoyed the pace of the part-time program, feeling that I had time to understand and integrate all the information being taught. I feel very privileged to have been a part of this amazing program!

Thank you and namaste! – Alena Stroh

Truly amazing!

Laura, your dedication to yoga is evident in all you do. You truly work hard to ensure all your students reach their full potential. Watching everyone achieve their goals is obviously very important to you — I am not sure how to put what I witnessed in two words — but it is truly amazing!

Thank you! – Frankie McCaskill

A joy and an adventure

Wow! This program is so professionally delivered, vibrant, and interactive that it made learning to teach yoga a joy and an adventure. – Julie White


Before this, I had been disappointed by programs where the instructor had us reading aloud from photocopied manuals while sitting cross legged for hours on the floor. PowerPoint presentations, group work and engaging activities all make this program highly entertaining and educational at the same time. – Theresa Price

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Unwavering dedication to our success

Before taking the course, I felt somewhat unsure if I was ready. Upon beginning, I immediately felt at ease and I’m in awe of how much we learned and can do. I felt that the time frame, course material and instruction style was paramount in how prepared we now are. In addition, the tuition was very reasonable considering how much we get out of the course.

I think what impresses me the most has been Laura’s unwavering dedication to our success throughout and upon completion of the course. Her knowledge and delivery of the content was done in a way that enabled us to all feel prepared and ready. I also really appreciate Laura’s calm, caring demeanor. She is incredibly approachable and encouraging. I would unreservedly recommend Laura’s course anyone without hesitation.

Thank you Laura! I feel so lucky to know you! – Gillian Edmondson

Knowledgeable, humorous and humble approach

I have never taken any courses or classes that I have been so sad to see end. Laura has created such a warm, welcoming atmosphere, that is so conducive to spiritual growth. This course has shifted my life so dramatically in such a positive and beautiful way and I’m so thankful to Laura for her knowledgeable, humorous and humble approach. – Leslie Corbett

Talented and knowledgeable

There is nothing more wonderful than sharing a love for yoga and I feel blessed to have learned from someone as talented and knowledgeable as Laura. – Milah Smith

I would recommend this course to anyone

I would recommend this course to anyone. Feel Good Yoga has changed my perception of “efforting” as opposed to “non-efforting” and brought me more in tune with my true self. It was a well-rounded course that explored all aspects of yoga. Laura was an amazing teacher and I felt this course is everything that I hoped it would be and much, much more! – Dawn Boyle

Inspiring and encouraging

Yoga has been part of my journey for many years. In 2009, I decided to take the Yoga Teacher Training with Laura at Feel Good Yoga. What an experience and growth! Laura is a very professional, kind and warm-hearted teacher. Her classes are inspiring and encouraging. I enjoyed our yoga classes, the depth of conversations over yoga topics, and the group activities like helping each other review our stances and asanas. I am thankful for this course and the opportunity to pass on to others ‘a Feel Good’ Yoga. Laura teaches Yoga with Love. Thank you, Laura for being YOU!

Love and Light – Mariana Shivaie

Yoga should feel good and cause no harm

I joined the Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training without expectations of becoming a Yoga Instructor, but to benefit on a personal level through a challenging period in my life. I was attracted to the philosophy of the course, that yoga should feel good and cause no harm. I was concerned about knowing the proper and safe way to do yoga postures, finding a therapeutic practice which integrated body, mind and soul, and taking a program that inspires me to continue this practice independently or with others. I found all this and so much more. I have been inspired to share what I have learned with others. Laura walks the talk when it comes to her yoga practice philosophy and teaching. The light in her indeed recognizes the light in others. Namaste – L Goodwin

An incredibly spiritual, exciting and life-changing journey

The yoga teacher training program at Feel Good Yoga has been an incredibly spiritual, exciting and life-changing journey, and Laura has been the essential catalyst for this. You would be hard-pressed to find a more compassionate, gentle yoga instructor who possesses so much knowledge and a genuine talent for teaching. The FGY teacher training program emphasizes teaching yoga in a safe manner and making yoga accessible to all levels – exactly what I was looking for in a yoga teacher training program. I feel very fortunate to have completed my training here. Thank you, Laura, for being so wonderful in so many ways! – Trisha

The definition of a yoga guru; her knowledge and love of Yoga and Pilates is endless

Laura is an amazing teacher, and is also a very dedicated student. The definition of a yoga guru; her knowledge and love of Yoga and Pilates is endless. With her kind heart and sharp brain, she has developed an amazing teacher training program offered at the beautiful, warm and inviting studio she opened with her husband, Pelle, who is equally amazing! The supportive and loving couple truly are an inspiration to all they meet. It is an honour to say that I learn from them. Namaste – P Hosking

Opens the door for each individual to discover and create their own yoga experience

As a graduate of Feel Good Yoga Teacher training, I would highly recommend this training to anyone who has an interest in learning more about yoga.

I appreciated Laura’s holistic approach to her yoga teacher’s training. Not only did she thoroughly cover the postures, anatomy, yoga history and philosophy, but she included practical teaching advice such as how to demonstrate postures, how to deal with difficult situations, and injury prevention. By sharing her knowledge, experience and humour, Laura teaches more than textbook yoga. She opens the door for each individual to discover and create their own yoga experience.

Namaste – Deanna Macdonald

With Laura teaching, yoga is joyful, relaxing, and fearless

As one of the trainees in the ’08-’09 class, I found it a revelation to be taught such sound body mechanics. I felt safe in Laura’s classes, and am left with the understanding of how to help others feel safe in my own classes. Yoga injuries are a serious matter which many other teachers ignore. The first rule should be “Do no harm”. With Laura teaching, yoga is joyful, relaxing, and fearless. I feel secure in being able to teach any age group, giving modifications and variations to suit all body types. – Trisha Irwin

The essence of yoga

The essence of yoga is union: the union of mind body and spirit. The Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training course included many perspectives on how to perform poses and structure sequences so that we would feel confident designing our own yoga classes. Yet, our course included so much more than yoga postures and stances. We were given the freedom to experiment, grow and evolve and the freedom to express ourselves by being able to choose our own theme for our certification classes and topic for our presentations. Laura recognized the diversity in her students and inspired us with her kindness and knowledge. I really enjoyed learning about the different aspects and paths of yoga. I look forward to developing a personal home practice, teaching yoga, and continuing my yoga teacher training through workshops and continuing education.

Thank you Laura for letting us find our own personal “meaning of yoga”. – Vicki Chubby

How to confidently and safely share my love of yoga with others

After taking Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training, I am more knowledgeable and confident as a yoga teacher. Laura is dedicated to developing teachers who have a thorough understanding of anatomy, injury prevention and practicing asanas in a safe, supportive environment. This, along with her vast knowledge of the many different types of yoga, philosophies, and benefits that can be achieved, provides a well-rounded, informative and inspiring course. I am leaving Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training not only with a certificate to teach yoga, but also with a better understanding of myself and how to confidently and safely share my love of yoga with others. Thanks, Laura! – Merle Enge

Authentic and creative yoga teacher training course

As I reflect upon my experience as a student of the Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training, I am filled with gratitude and a deep sense of fulfillment. Laura was not only an amazing teacher who ensured a solid foundation of knowledge and skill was laid for each individual in her class, but she created an atmosphere in which one could be authentic and creative, discover and explore, grow and develop.

Laura devoted herself to thoroughly teaching each and every aspect of yoga to her students in the program, and treated each and every one of us with warmth, sensitivity, and respect. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to take this course and for the doors that will surely open for me as a result. I thank Laura and I sincerely wish her the best in her future endeavors. – Tracy Tidsbury

A model for new and emerging yogini’s

Laura’s experience, sensitivity, kindness and compassion are just a few of the impressive abilities and qualities she brings to her teaching. Laura’s conduct is a model for new and emerging yogini’s. I feel well equiped and confident in my ability to design and lead a safe and effective Hatha yoga style class.

Thank you so much, Laura, your Feel Good Yoga teacher training has been a spectacular experience. – Melinda Wilkinson

She really cares about her students

I am a graduate of Laura’s teaching training program 2007-2008. Laura’s knowledge of anatomy, yoga techniques and injury prevention is superb and she is able to teach these concepts very clearly and easily. I felt well prepared for the testing component of the yoga teaching certification. As well, Laura has developed a core teaching plan that upon completion of the course, enabled me to feel really confident in my ability to deliver a great yoga class to others. Laura has all the qualities of a great teacher — knowledge, patience, wisdom and a great big heart. She really cares about her students.

Thank-you Laura! – Joni Christman

Concise, challenging, gentle and encouraging

I participated in Laura Phelps’ yoga teacher training (10/08-05/09) and I am so glad I did! The reasons that I took the training were to fully immerse myself in the history and philosophy of yoga as well as to gain a more thorough understanding of the postures/asanas. I have now completed the course and feel I was given an excellent holistic education covering all of these facets of yoga as well as anatomy and pranayama. Although my education in yoga will be life long, I now feel that I have an excellent grounding in yoga and feel ready to safely and confidently instruct a class. I am grateful to Laura for giving such comprehensive instruction in a manner that was always concise, challenging, gentle and encouraging. – Meghan Horan

Every body is different and needs to be approached with sensitivity and thoughtfulness

The Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training course turned out to be so much better than I ever anticipated. The knowledge I received about anatomy, yoga postures, safety, injuries, and the choreographing of classes was invaluable. Laura has taught us how to adapt postures for the individual, reminding us often that every body is different and needs to be approached with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. This is a path I have enjoyed taking and in the process I got the chance to meet some amazing people along the way. – Kim Marsh

Blend the ancient and modern into a non-biased program

Over the course of Laura’s 200 hour yoga teacher training program, I went on a journey of self discovery as we went back in time to study the ancient art and science of yoga. Laura’s teaching methods respect all people’s individual differences and embraces what each person can bring to the practice of yoga. All aspects of the traditional eight fold path were addressed during the course while giving equal attention to modern science. Laura’s creativity along with her ability to blend the ancient and modern into a non-biased yoga teacher training program, made this experience truly valuable. – Laura Barnes

The yoga teacher training changed my outlook on yoga and on life

I am a graduate of Laura’s Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training class of 08-09. I decided to take this course as a last minute decision and never really knew what I would get out of it. Laura’s kindness, patience and understanding over the past 8 months have been a gift in my life. Although I came out of this course a confident certified teacher, I also came out a better person. Laura’s teaching method was in depth, clear and passionate.

Before starting this yoga teacher training course I treated yoga more as a stretching class and although I attended many yoga classes prior to the teacher training, I never fully got into or practised the spirituality that surrounds yoga. Now as a graduate I can honestly say that yoga is so much more for me. I have learned to looovve meditation. The yoga teacher training changed my outlook on yoga and on life. I feel great and know that when I start teaching yoga, I will have a well rounded knowledge base to bring into each class. It has been a pleasure to spend the last 8 months along side Laura, Pelle and all the students in the 08-09 class.
Thank you for everything!!
Namaste. – Brittnee Seely

Breathe. Relax. Learn. Grow. Learn. Laugh.

When I initially saw Laura’s advertisement for Yoga Teacher Training it struck me first as an implausible goal for myself. Could I accomplish such a thing?

In spite of this, I swallowed my doubt and signed my name on the proverbial dotted line.

What I encountered over the next eight months was a reflection of the spirit of yoga itself. Breathe. Relax. Learn. Grow. Learn. Laugh.

Laura’s teaching style is open, giving, respectful and tolerant while imparting knowledge gleaned from the study of yoga and knowledge made no less valuable by the experience of living a human life.

The atmosphere in class was one of caring, nurturing, and respect for all. The training material was simply yet beautifully written while imparting everything I needed to know and more about Yoga and about teaching.

I would highly recommend this yoga teacher training program to all prospective yoga teachers. – Margaret Skadberg

Healing of physical problems in the human body

I was a student in the Feel Good Yoga Teaching Training Program during the 2008/2009 season. Laura is a gifted teacher and a knowledgable yogini that guides you towards a greater understanding of the spirituality of yoga. Her program is well planned and her classes are very interesting. Her personal study of yoga has given her the capacity to create sound mind/body technique and application of the yoga asanas for the healing of physical problems in the human body. – Namaste, Judith

Life changing

I first started doing Yoga with Laura Phelps about 3 years ago. A friend asked me to tag along. I reluctantly joined her. I was a heavy smoker and non exerciser at the time.
I was instantly taken by both Laura’s lovely and caring manner and her endless knowledge and ability to incorporate all fitness levels into her class.
I started going often and eventually joined her classes 3 times a week.
I quit smoking, changed my diet and lost a considerable amount of body fat. But that was just the physical change that transpired, probably more profound was the reawakening of myself, my confidence, and self-esteem that re-emerged.
I have just graduated from Laura’s Yoga Teacher Training Course and immediately began teaching classes to my co-workers and to Middle School Children.
I can say without hesitation, as a University graduate that her course is challenging, extremely effective, and equips you with all one needs to venture into teaching yoga.
I’m beyond grateful for her expertise, guidance and life-changing influence. – Lisa Barbetta

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