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Pilates Teacher Training

Pilates Teacher Training in Victoria BC

Pilates instructors are currently in high demand in health club settings, fitness centers, schools, studios and rehabilitation environments. Feel Good Pilates Teacher Training is a nationally and internationally recognized Pilates Teacher Training School. Our goal is to create highly trained, successful and creative Pilates professionals to meet the needs of clientele with diverse needs, ages and levels of physical fitness.

Through attention to new research on core stability and its impact on health, injury prevention and rehabilitation, we offer a cultivated approach to Pilates. We also believe that exercise and wellness should be intuitive, creative and fun. Our Pilates Teacher Training Programs will teach you to inspire your students with creative choreography and the power of the continually evolving and progressive nature of Pilates as mind-body exercise.

Feel Good Pilates Teacher Training Level 1

The Feel Good Pilates Teacher Training Level 1 program is designed to create inspiring, successful and creative Pilates teachers. Our graduates have an excellent understanding of body mechanics, creative choreography, modifications, variations and therapeutic applications for each exercise. The fundamental movements provide the foundation for understanding how movement patterns affect health and core stability.

This program allows you to purchase insurance to become a Pilates teacher. This Pilates Teacher Training program is also approved by the BCRPA as the Pilates Fitness Leader program. For more information regarding BCRPA certifications, please visit the BCRPA webpage.

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Feel Good Pilates Teacher Training Level 2

This Pilates Teacher Training program will complete your understanding of the Pilates Mat repertoire.You will be taught a wide variety of new and exciting exercises that will add creativity, fun and variety to your classes. We will further explore how to vary your classes with small resistance equipment and props, and give in-depth instructions on teaching multilevel classes, sport specific classes and specialty populations. This will help you teach a wider range of clients and adding  greater professionalism and variety to your classes. This will empower you to fulfill your potential as an inspiring, creative, and transformative Pilates teacher.

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450 hour Pilates Teacher Training program

This is a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program that will prepare you to take the PMA teacher exam and ultimately a PMA instructor designation. This involves 450 hours of a combination of training, practice hours, observation and apprenticeship hours. Successfully completing the PMA teacher exam is an internationally recognized and highly regarded accomplishment in the world of Pilates.

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Pilates Reformer Teacher Training

In this Pilates Reformer Teacher Training program you will gain in-depth instruction on how to make your reformer classes safe, inspiring and enjoyable. During this program, you will learn everything you need to know about spring resistance, progressions, injury management, lesson planning, communication, choreography, teaching skills, equipment safety and maintenance.

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