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Become a Yoga Instructor

The Feel Good Yoga and Dana Carter Fitness have joined forces to provide a provincially, nationally, and internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training. We offer Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training. 

Why train at Feel Good Yoga?

Do you wish to deepen your practice, further your current training or wish to become a yoga teacher? If so, the Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training program is the transformative experience you are looking for. At Feel Good we are passionate about your education and future success. It is a great honour for us to help you achieve your goals.

Our program is equal parts spiritual and practical. We understand that the best learning environment is one that is inspirational, interactive, fun and challenging. Our faculty is experienced, highly trained and dedicated to teaching you all there is to know about yoga. Our comprehensive manuals and carefully designed curriculum has given us a reputation for turning out some of the most well-trained, skilled and accomplished yoga teachers in the field. Here at Feel Good, we feel lucky to hire almost exclusively from our own Yoga Teacher Training alumni.

We are dedicated to the success of our yoga teacher trainees both during and after the completion of the Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training program and will do whatever we can to pass on business opportunities and information that will contribute to your ongoing success and development.

The Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training program is taught in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Our school is registered with the Canadian and American Yoga Alliances, the leading governing bodies for yoga teacher training programs, yoga teachers and studios in North America.  The Yoga Alliances govern and approve the curriculum for Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Upon graduation from the Feel Food Yoga Teacher Training program, you will be eligible for insurance and can apply for work at studios, recreation centres and conferences here, at home and around the world.

Some of the best yoga instructors have physical limitations; our program is open to participants with a wide range of physical abilities and has no age limit. There is no necessity to have mastered advanced or difficult postures as the program respects the needs of each individual and prioritizes anatomical integrity over excessive flexibility. While taking part in the Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training Victoria program you will feel supported and encouraged to discover and build upon your own unique gifts.

Yoga Teacher Training – RYT 200

This Yoga Teacher Training Program (RYT 200) is required to become an internationally recognized Yoga Teacher and will allow you to teach in an even wider variety of Yoga settings provincially and nationally than the YFL Yoga Teacher Training Program. Graduates of the Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training Program teach at locations such as yoga studios, community centres, resorts, group homes, office and corporate settings as well as private residences.

Learn More about the Yoga Teacher Training – RYT 200