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Yoga and Pilates Testimonials from our loyal clients and friends at Feel Good Yoga & Pilates. Learn how Yoga and Pilates can make a difference in your health and well being!

I absolutely Love this studio!

Feel Good Yoga truly makes you feel GOOD!:-) I absolutely Love this studio! Their staff and instructors are always friendly and helpful, their classes are inclusive, -proving that yoga truly is for everyone! No need to be self-conscious or worry about not being flexible enough, I always end up having a great class when I come here. I haven’t tried their Pilates classes yet, but from what I hear they’re great too!

~Bergy Stoer

Feel GREAT Yoga!

Feel GREAT Yoga! Feel Good Yoga and Pilates has changed my life! I am so thankful to have this studio, it has not only improved my life with the health and vitality aspect of Yoga and Pilates, but I have been welcomed into the Westshore Yoga Community with open arms. I thank my lucky stars that I was a part of the Teacher Training Program that began last Fall, as I have been introduced to many great friends and paths. I look forward to watching and helping this studio grow!

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Smiling, giggling baby’s

I went into Christi’s Baby and Me yoga class feeling tired and stressed out, but came out feeling energized and relaxed. Her class has an open and trusting atmosphere where moms are able to discuss baby sleep tips, resources for support, baby blues, and any other topics. The icing on the cake is getting to experience so many smiling, giggling baby’s while they practice yoga with us!

~ Audra Gordon

The best part of Yogilates is how relaxed I feel afterwards

I have attended Laura’s Yogalates classes for over 2 years and absolutely love the benefits of the exercises and classes on both a physical and spiritual level. I enjoy that we work on strength, flexibility and toning but the best part is how relaxed I feel afterwards. Any daily stresses are gone by the end of the class. Laura is very knowledgeable and has a gentle approach for all levels. I am very comfortable with her teaching style and always feel I can modify an exercise to suit my needs for that particular class. Thank you for your guidance Laura and sharing your peaceful energy. Namaste.

~ Birgit Girand

I love the flowing, graceful style, variety and attention to alignment
Laura is a gifted, skilled and caring teacher. I love her flowing, graceful style, variety, and attention to alignment. No matter what is going on in my life or my head, I ALWAYS feel calmer, stronger and more centred after Laura’s class. Her teaching is an important part of my learning and healing journey. I also like that Laura is humble and open to continuous lifelong learning – always a mark of a great teacher.

~ Kate Irving

Respectful of individual differences

I was first motivated to attend Laura’s Yogilates class to help me overcome a painfully prolonged back injury. I kept coming back because the benefits were obvious from the beginning. Laura is gentle and respectful of individual differences, encouraging various levels of growth and participation so that I don’t feel pressured or frustrated.

Over about a period of a year I was able to eliminate other interventions as a source of pain relief, and I am now pain free. I am committed to attending the classes to maintain these benefits and also to enjoy the relaxation and stress reduction. If I have to miss for any reason, I really notice the difference but it only takes a few classes to get back on track! Additionally, I really enjoy Laura’s knowledge about yoga in general or her health and fitness tips, as well as the music in class and the friendly atmosphere.

~ Gloria Darroch

Yogilates helped me lose weight and improved my sense of well-being

I am not much of a “joiner” or one to go to class after a long work day, but I have been happily and gratefully attending Laura’s classes for about 2 years and can’t imagine giving them up.

There is no such thing as a bad class, ever. And no two classes are the same. Every class (and i mean even the first one!) leaves you feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually better than when you arrived. And somehow Laura manages to keep introducing fresh sequences, information, and music to the mix. It’s a safe, peaceful and personal journey – don’t worry about your fitness level going in – there is something for everyone and you simply adjust for your body’s ability and needs.

Laura is so knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga and pilates that she is able to gently and skillfully introduce bits of valuable information in the context of the class. As you stretch and breathe, you will learn bits about the ancient practice of yoga, about the science of physiology, and you will learn how to observe and listen to your own body. And in time, you will notice you’re able to stretch further, hold a pose longer, bend deeper, balance better. And you’ll find yourself doing these stretches outside of class because they just feel so good.

Yogilates has been an integral and favourite part of a steady and significant lifestyle change in which I have lost weight and gained fitness and a greater sense of well-being. Laura’s class is an oasis – every week, my mind, body and spirit look forward to it, enjoy it, and are very grateful for it afterwards. Try it!

~ Tracy Roberts, M.A.

Yogilates is like taking a high-quality multivitamin

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Yogilates class.
For me, participating in your class is like taking a high quality multi-vitamin: the yoga is great for improving my flexibility and reducing my stress levels, the Pilates is great for core strengthening which subsequently reduces my lower back pain, and the use of weights provides needed muscle toning.
Another reason I enjoy your classes is the high level of enthusiasm and personal attention that you bring to each and every class. You obviously enjoy your chosen vocation and demonstrate a keen interest in the well-being of all of your students. The fact that you have to seek larger rooms to conduct your classes is a testament to the growing popularity of your classes and the passion that you bring to them.

~ Michael

Yoga cured my 10 year problem with frozen shoulder

Laura was my first experience with Yoga, and I have been hooked on it since. In the last 3 years , I have noticed such a big change in my range of movement and flexibility through out my whole body. When I first started Yoga I was suffering from a frozen shoulder that had been an on-going problem for about 10 years and it wasn’t getting better with all the various treatments I was trying. But slowly through the Yoga, I became much more flexible and found it to be a great relief from the pain and stiffness I was suffering from.

To me Yoga is something that I need as a regular practice in my life, but I am the type of person that needs someone to guide me through a workout. Laura is good at what she does, she knows her stuff, her constant changes in the routines make it so it’s never boring. We do a Yogilaties work out with some weights and toning too. It’s always challenging. I also very much like how Laura talks us through each pose we do, she tells you what to be concentrating on and how this should feel and what it is doing for you . I feel she has great information and knows what she is talking about.

Thanks Laura for your commitment.

Nancy Fry
52 years young

Yogilates helped me qualify for the Boston Marathon

I started taking your classes because I wanted to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility so that I could one-day qualify for the Boston Marathon. I wound up getting even more than I bargained for. Mentally, I discovered that yoga is a lot like running — it requires you to focus on the present and helps to silence the endless chatter in your brain. Each of your classes is to me like a beautiful trail run. It has taught me to be in a graceful, effortless place where there is no competition. But, I’m also proud to say that with your help I achieved my goal and ran a personal best race in Ottawa. By doing so, I qualified and ran for the 2008 Boston Marathon! Now I plan to continue with taking your yogilates classes just because I know they are good for me, body and mind.

~ Daniel Ethier

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Yogalates cured my migraines

Over the last few years, my life stresses increased to such an extent that both my mental and physical health took a steep downturn. Earlier this year, my doctor advised me that I could no long ignore the symptoms. So I made the required changes in my life, including enrolling in Laura’s yoga classes. After only two months, I can honestly say that this was by far my most beneficial lifestyle change.
I used to get migraine headaches every second week. Since I started Laura’s yoga classes I haven’t had a single migraine.

I’ve found Laura to be an observant, gentle and giving teacher: She is ever watchful of her students’ comfort and progress, generous with her guidance, praise and encouragement. The restorative yoga and the more demanding Yogilates exercises compliment each other perfectly – the exact physical/mind combination I was striving for. I truly look forward to attending my twice-weekly classes with Laura – I always leave feeling better, no matter what the day had dealt me.
Thank you, Laura, for helping me along my journey to better health.

~ Christine

Back pain, sleep problems and energy levels have all improved

This yoga and yogilates practice has helped me immensely with various discomforts including back-pain. Even my sleep and energy level is better since incorporating Laura’s classes into my weekly schedule.

I love Laura’s yoga classes. Laura has a unique style of teaching correct body alignment, while making the experience fun and friendly. Her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and health ties in with her yoga teaching objectives. She educates her students about yoga and it’s benefits, while teaching the postures. Often, there is soft music playing in the background. I find this to be very relaxing.

Laura’s classes are so comfortable that my boyfriend enjoys going …and he has NEVER done yoga before!

~ Patricia O’Brien

Yoga allowed me to experience paradise

I had the luck to take part in Laura’s classes on the beach in the Caribbean. Wonderful movements in a relaxing rhythm allowed me to experience paradise. My bad back has become stronger through yoga.

~ Goran Ågerup, 63 years young and previously overweight

Yogalates helped me with my fibromyalgia

After each class I feel both energized and relaxed at the same time. I’ve never experienced that before! And so many of my aches and pains from my fibromyalgia have just evaporated. Thanks, Laura!

~ Aree Asavanova

Appreciate individual attention and extensive knowledge

I’ve taken part in Laura’s yoga classes on the beach in the Caribbean. Laura has all possible knowledge in this area and knows exactly what she is doing which makes me feel safe. She sees each student’s individual needs and makes sure to help each and every one. I will never forget this experience of the beach, the sea and this adorable yoga instructor. I will continue to practice my balance.

~ Ingrid Ågerup (62 år)

Each class can be tailored to suit the individual

I love the way you offer modifications and then a way to make each exercise or posture more challenging. Sometimes I choose to do the easier version and sometimes the more difficult one, but this allows me to take part in all aspects of the class and I can progress at my own pace, the one that is optimal for me. I would recommend your classes to both beginners and long-term practitioners. Thanks for the great yoga and pilates, Laura!

~ Sara Plant

Impressed with attention to alignment and body mechanics

I have recently returned to Laura’s class after a bit of a break, and I don’t know why I stopped! After a class, I always feel relaxed, but at the same time, like I’ve had a good workout. I am impressed with her attention to alignment and body mechanics. Laura always encourages clients to do what feels good for them, and offers extra help before and after class if needed. She offers variations on poses and exercises, allowing you to have a very personalized program, even in a group setting. Thanks Laura!

~ Jan Plumb, physiotherapist

Yogilates taught me new ways to move my body

All my life I have been an active person embracing work and physical exercise as a means of good health. In recent years I experienced physical setbacks and illness which have changed my perspective on how I move my body. I realize that preventive medicine and lifestyle support the state of ones health and well-being. So when I found there was a yogilates class offered at the local rec. centre I decided to register.

Our instructor Laura, is a warm and welcoming person who accepts each person as an individual with unique abilities. Her cheerful sense of acceptance, the use of calming music, and a caring persona set the stage for a positive experience learning yogalates. During the class Laura helps you reach your potential as she describes each position using anatomically correct words and creative language that lets you consider your potential. For instance, Laura will state, “If it is available to you…” and then explains how to move into a position with such clear direction you could do this with your eyes closed. Never does she use words like can or can’t, it is all a matter of accepting oneself and your present ability to position your body on any given day. If you are not able to position yourself comfortably Laura will offer a modified version.

Within weeks of attending yogalates I have a deeper sense of well-being and renewed level of energy. I leave the class feeling more at peace and in balance with my environment. Thank you Laura!

~ Shelly Donaldson

Yogilates made me stand taller, have more energy and get more toned

I took Laura’s class a few years ago and noticed such an improvement in myself. Due to changes in my work schedule I had to stop attending and I felt the changes. Now that I have a new work schedule I can attend again and I feel and look great. I notice I am standing taller, I have more energy and am getting leaner and more toned. Laura has a really gentle and intuitive way of instructing the class. She makes sure you do not over-extend your limits and gives positive feed back when you have good form. She goes around the classroom to make sure have optimal form to receive benefits. Laura names each pose as you do it and has a bit of history or back ground information on that pose.

As a person Laura is great to talk to- very kind will take the time to and really listen to what her students have to say. Very knowledgeable will look up information for you to answer any questions you may have.

~ Leanne Gebicki

Yoga makes me feel revitalized, relaxed and ready for another week

Every week I anticipate my yoga session with Laura, not only because it is my mother and my special time together but because Laura’s class is amazing. As a registered massage therapist hunched over clients all week and taking care of their physical and emotion needs, I need a relaxing outlet for my own needs. After each session I feel revitalized, relaxed and ready for another week. I leave standing taller, breathing deeper, aware of my body and at peace with the world. Laura encourages everyone to listen to their body and go at their own level. She gives positive feedback and helps to ease you into more difficult positions. My week wouldn’t be complete without Laura’s yoga session. I love her energy, sense of calm and her little Buddha smile.

Christine Brunelle RMT

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Yogalates cured my neck pain

My neck injury seems to have virtually disappeared since I started taking your yogilates classes. I used to have to turn my whole body to look if a person started talking to me. Now I know how to use the deep muscles of my spine to lengthen up and compared to my former self, I am now like an owl! Thanks so much for giving me all this new room to move in my body.

~ Jackie Jensen

The individual attention made it possible for me to learn

Whenever I walk into your class I always feel so welcome and comfortable. You seem to care about each and every one of your clients as if they were a member of your own family. As you know, I have many health issues, but you always help me find the appropriate modifications so that I can take part in the whole class at my own level. Thanks for making yogilates available to me, Laura.

~ Suzanne Smith

Because of the Yogilates classes I can enjoy so much more!

Wow! What a train wreck I was when I first walked into your class! I used to not even be able to sit through an entire movie at the theater without feeling too uncomfortable to enjoy it. Now, I can go camping or sit on a plane for hours (occasionally using the seated exercises you showed me). You name it, I can do it because of your yogilates classes. Thanks, Laura!

~ Katerina Robinson

Pilates cured my lower back pain and yoga gave me more space to move and breathe

I started out in your pilates class and received a ton of benefit from the core work. Within six weeks I was more toned and my lower back pain had disappeared entirely. Then I tried your yogilates class and found that the benefits of adding yoga to the pilates was absolutely amazing! I’m sleeping better, I breathe deeper, I feel like I have more space in my body, I’m more aware of my body movements while doing work around the house… the list goes on and on. Thanks a ton, Laura!

~ Cindy Russell

Yogilates has helped me concentrate longer, feel more comfortable and get better grades

Your classes have helped me so much with getting through the stress of exams and papers! Because I feel more relaxed and comfortable I can concentrate longer and can sit longer at my desk. My grade point average has even gotten higher! I think taking the time to do yogilates is essential for being at your best, whatever you do. Thanks for your knowledge and expertise.

~ Helen Parizeau

Yogilates improved my balance and made me feel more calm

Since taking your yogilates classes I am discovering muscles I never knew I even had! It feels like all the muscles in my body are working like a symphony instead of perpetually trying to coax them into doing what I want. My balance is better, I feel calmer. I really appreciate it Laura! Thanks a lot!

~ Bill Swanson

Yogalates has made me an expert about my own pain

I started taking your classes after I had been in a serious car accident and it felt like my whole body hurt from head to toe. Taking your classes has made me something of an expert about my own pain. I know exactly which exercises and postures to do so that I can feel better and you have been so great at explaining why we are doing what we’re doing and exactly how it will help us. This is very motivating and helpful. Thanks for giving me back the ability to enjoy life again!

~ Wendy Bawden

Yogilates has given me a personal sense of calm

I am sure that one day you are going to be some kind of yoga/pilates guru and that people will come from far and wide to get help from you. I know this will make you laugh, but you are already my guru. The Yogilates classes have helped me with sleeping better, pain relief, and given me a personal sense of calm. Thanks for the great yogilates classes!

~ Amanda Bennett

I love the combined benefits of strength training, pilates and yoga!

I love the combination of different benefits between the strength training, pilates and yoga classes. I always walk out feeling stronger, longer, leaner and completely relaxed. I also love the music meditation you often do at the end of class. Of all types of meditation, this has been the most accessible to me and after stretching and strengthening every ligament, tendon and muscle in my body, the music sounds even more beautiful than ever. Thanks for all the gifts you give us during class, Laura!

~ Bernie Peterson

You create such a friendly, supportive atmosphere!

Thanks for your classes, Laura! You really take the time to give each and every student personal attention, even when the class size is a little larger. You are so serious about your teaching, but also have a good sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously… I really like that combination of characteristics! You create such a friendly, supportive atmosphere for your students. Thanks again!

~ Christy Nicholson

Yogalates cured shoulder pain

I used to have so much shoulder pain, but you taught me how stretch all the toxic substances that used to collect around my injury and after only a couple of weeks I have regained range of motion in my shoulder and am pain-free, once again. I can’t say how much I appreciate it, Laura!

~ Leah Orser

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You have a level of integrity and commitment to your teaching that is well above the norm

After just a couple of classes I could tell that you have a level of integrity and commitment to your teaching that is well above and beyond the norm. I have taken yoga and pilates classes from many different people, but often didn’t feel that the instructor really cared about my specific problems. I now consider your classes an essential part of my life and wouldn’t miss them for the world. Thanks, Laura!

~ Mary Deeson

Yogalates helped me with my anxiety

After suffering a head injury in a car accident I have had a high degree of anxiety due to short-term memory problems etc. Your yogilates classes have helped me control this anxiety and helped me to appreciate the things that are still have in my life. I also feel more flexible, strong and relaxed physically. These are gifts I am very grateful for.

Thanks, Laura.

~ Eleanor Benz

Yogalates has made my fibromyalgia disappear almost altogether

I have been attending your yoga, pilates and yogilates classes for over a year now and find that my awareness and understanding of how my body can function at its best has increased many, many, many times over. I suffer from fibromyalgia and have learned that if I take time out to do certain stretches, I can be relatively pain-free.

~ Donna Sanderson

Yogilates has taught me so much about how my body works

Your knowledge of anatomy and how the body works is absolutely amazing, Laura! I’ve never been good at that kind of thing, but somehow I’ve managed to pick up so much just through osmosis during your classes… you always explain things in a way that makes it so easy for me to understand. This knowledge helps me make good decisions about my body both in and out of class.

~ Tracy Johnson

Laura is skillful at adapting exercises to individual needs

I have taken different yoga classes throughout my life and what attracted me to Laura’s class was the combination of yoga and pilates. I wanted a workout that included core strengthening of pilates and stretching and balance that yoga incorporates. I was a bit hesitant at first because I have never taken any pilates classes before, but after a couple of classes I found out I really enjoyed it. Laura is helpful if one needs to adapt an exercise due to an injury and is receptive to feedback. And it helps with increasing my flexibility, strength and well-being. I highly recommend her classes.

~ Janice Booth

Yoga has helped me stand taller, breathe deeper and have better posture

When my daughter asked if I wanted to take the “Gentle Therapeutic” yoga class with her 6 or 7 months ago I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises. Well I needn’t have concerned myself, because Laura shows you how, and explains what do do and what it should feel like so well. She is not in the least intimitating and takes our teasing with fun loving grace.

I receive so many benefits from the class, such as it is helping me straighten up, making more room for my 60 year old spine and rounded shoulders. Along with the wonderful deep breathing I am learning about my body. But the best benefit of all is spending time with my daughter. We both enjoy Laura and her fun and knowledgeable method of instruction. She knows her stuff and I am glad she is going into teaching so seriously.

~ Janet Brunelle

Yogilates is uplifting and informative

There’s so many nice things I could say about Laura’s class. Her music is relaxing when it needs to be, but can also be uplifting and relaxing. It’s easy to follow her classes because her explanations are so complete and she is always happy to take extra time and show you modifications for postures before or after class so that you gradually learn how to make the class ideal for your body type and issues. She introduces bits of information during class about the ancient practice of yoga and which muscles to focus on for maximum benefit. I can honestly say I think this class is suitable for everyone from all walks of life. I love the combination of the strength training, pilates, yoga and meditation.

Laura’s integrity and commitment to her students is far greater than any other I have experienced. Time and time again I have seen her demonstrate a very genuine compassion for whatever her students are going through. In the fall I am hoping to expand my knowledge of yoga by taking her teacher training course. Thanks, so much Laura! You are the best!

~ Georgia M.

Yoga has helped me with my overall health, especially the pain

I have been attending Laura’s Therapeutic Yoga class for the past nine months and feel it has made many positive changes in my overall health including reduced back pain, improved sleeping patterns, and better flexibility.
Laura thoroughly explains and demonstrates the postures and stretches, and I appreciate the modifications she offers for people with back problems. She takes time to help individuals without neglecting the rest of the class. Laura is a gifted teacher and puts people at ease with her supportive guidance.
I always leave her class feeling relaxed and I am thankful that Laura shares her expertise and knowledge with such compassion and grace.

~ Kathleen

Pilates has helped me with my core strength and posture

I have been taking Laura’s Pilates classes for a few months now and have really noticed a difference in my core strength and posture. The classes are both physical and relaxing, and Laura’s repertoire is always different. You can tell she really enjoys teaching others the benefits of Pilates.

~ April Pallone

Yogilates has helped me with my strength, balance and even transferred to my work

A friend casually suggested that we should try Laura’s Yogilates classes. It’s now been three years since that first drop in class and I now attend two or three times a week. I’ve seen my core strength and balance improve, enjoy meeting my friends there and have made new friendships. As a teacher’s assistant, I’ve recently started implementing some gross and fine motor skills/exercises with a student that I work with. The occupational therapist that directs the activities I need to do can see how the yoga classes and general knowledge I have picked up are transferring into my work. I always feel better after attending my yoga classes and a little out of sorts when I don’t.

~ Vicki Chubby

Laura has a great knowledge of physiology and relates it to each individual

Laura is a natural born teacher. She knows how to work with each person on an individual basis to help them get the most out of their yoga session. She has a great knowledge of physiology and relates this information to the positions we are working on in her classes. Laura is encouraging and treats each participant with dignity and respect. I always leave her class feeling relaxed and inspired.

~ Diane Lithwick

Yogilates has helped me with numerous health problems

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and share my thoughts about my fabulous yoga/pilates instructor, Laura Phelps.
Laura is a kind, sincere, knowledgeable instructor. I have numerous health problems and have experienced great loss before starting yoga classes with Laura and even if I felt horrible I would drag myself to class and every time I was so glad I did. I felt so much better both in mind and body. Laura’s kind nature and gentle critique helped me learn the yoga practice of which I knew nothing to start with. I recommend Laura to any and all people — beginners or experts alike. She is a fabulous and genuine ray of sunshine and a gift to those who are lucky to know her and take her classes.

Thank you Laura.


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Yoga relieved my joint pain and made me feel less stressed

I first started taking the Gentle Therapeutic Yoga classes with Laura in January 2008. Within 3-4 classes I was feeling better; less stiff in my joints and less stressed. I don’t have to push myself to go, I look forward to class every week. It is a great way to unwind, I feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards and enjoy a really good night’s sleep.

~ Jolanda

Yogilates has improved my flexibility, strength, balance and posture

I have been taking Laura’s yogilates class for over a year and I am a big fan.
During that time my flexibility, strength, balance, and posture have improved significantly. While these results are to be expected, the fact that Laura is an excellent instructor cannot be overemphasized. Laura’s classes are so good that I have not only kept going, I now attend twice a week (and considering my frugal nature, I really have to enjoy something or believe in its benefits to keep signing up).

Laura’s success is partly due to her demeanour – it’s easy to feel comfortable with her. More importantly though, Laura’s knowledge and guidance (and gentle
reminders) is what I have found so helpful. After attending one of Laura’s classes, you will not only be relaxed; but from a workout perspective, you will feel that your time has been maximized (and that every one of your muscles has been utilized!).

~ Roxanna Franklin

Laura is aware of each student’s needs

This Winter, I started to approach a couple of new things. One of them was yoga, the other was the process of becoming a 60 year-old man. I’m happy to discover that I have made a successful transition to both and I think the one has helped the other.

Laura Phelps is my yoga teacher. I admit to having felt a bit uncomfortable that evening, last September, when I walked into a room full of women to try this strange new activity. Laura quite gently took the strangeness out of it, from the outset. I walked out feeling like a million bucks and, now, I just want to learn more about it. The benefits are quite remarkable and, as it turns out, there’s nothing weird about it. I have come to hold a good deal of respect for just how knowledgeable and well grounded Laura is in her practice. I’m impressed by the way she is able to be aware of each student’s needs and adjusts her instruction to accommodate those differences, providing alternatives and encouragement so that each achieves what they are able to, in a manner that works for them.

This gal really knows what she’s doing and the way in which she offers it reveals and a generous and healing spirit. How cool is that?

~ N. “Sandy” Sandford

I love how my body feels afterwards

It feels so good!! I never thought I’d say THAT about exercise! Thank you so much Laura! I first started yogilates in hopes of toning up after the birth of my second child and finding some time for relaxation & meditation. I achieved all of those in your classes AND so much more! Your classes exercise my mind, body and soul – making them all stronger and more balanced! You got my body moving in ways that were enjoyable and challenging and brought body awareness to my life (which I had not had before).

I LOVE coming to your yogilates and pilates classes. They are a large part of my wellbeing now and I hate to miss a class! I love that you teach us the right way to do poses for the maximum benefit and no pain! I love how my body feels afterwards – well stretched, relaxed and balanced. In yogilates I love the mental element of the class and the relaxation. I remember the first time I came to class and it was evening and the lights were dim, the room was warm and you were so welcoming and encouraging. I never knew I could have such a great workout and feel so good and calm at the same time!

Thank you most of all for your warm personality. You exude warmth, respect for yourself and your body, respect for your craft, and respect for each of your students. I feel that you are truly present in the moment when you are teaching us. I feel honoured that you offer us your expertise in such a humble and warm way. Even as a newcomer to pilates and yogilates I felt very welcome in your classes. You are so skilled, yet you offer guidance and your teaching in such a kind and encouraging way.



Yogilates cured my migraines, helped me lose weight and get toned

I have been doing Yogalates with Laura for 3 years now, as of this Summer. Before I was running 3 -4 days a week and in the gym for 3 – 4 days a week and exercising at home. I was finding that I was still getting migraines and my toning and weight loss was not happening. I started doing Yogalates 2 days a week and practicing at home and within 6 months I found that I was leaner and toner and migraine free (just one here and there). I just love these classes. Laura is an aweseome and very patient instructor. She is so genuine. My close group of friends also attend Laura’s classes, and I try to recruit friends as much as I can. We have all become good friends with Laura and her wonderful helper, her husband Pelle. I will continue doing these classes as long as Laura will be teaching them. They have become my stress release as well.

Thank you Laura, you are simply “The Best” 🙂

Bernie Leach

Therapeutic yoga resolved my neck pain and helps me sleep at night

Amazed!! That’s how I felt the next morning I woke up after having done Laura’s Gentle Therapeutic Yoga class, and having done just a few very simple neck stretches as part of the class. My neck is often very sore from my job and arthritis and wakes me up at night, but I was amazed the nights and mornings following the gentle neck stretch classes, I was practically painfree and slept right through the night. I’m looking forward to joining up for a Fall class and continuing on with Yoga/Pilates. Laura is a compassionate, respectful and patient instructor with a great sense of humour.

Thank you, Laura, and Namaste

Lesley McCormick

Love the personal attention, varied exercises, and levels of difficulty

Although I have not been coming for very long, I feel comfortable being in these classes. I have not once felt that I needed to go to physiotherapy afterwards. I like the fact you know us by name, and greet us with interest. The great things I get out of your classes are the varied exercises, the levels of difficulty, and your guidance when my positions are not correct. Most days when I come to class my mind is busy but eventually it seems to calm down and relaxation sets in.

Thank you for helping my body, mind and core become stronger.

Gail Pierangeli

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