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What Conscious Eating Means to this Yogini

Conscious eating means something different to everyone, but to me, it sums up my life as a Yogini. What I put in my mouth helps me to thrive and conquer each day. So why not eat well?

Healthy eating for YoginiI could list a plethora of valid excuses from budget to seasonal availability. Not to mention other excuses like schedules and mood. But lets put it this way, when I don’t eat properly, I feel it right away, and I pay for it dearly. This is because I live with an autoimmune disease called Crohn’s disease, and so does my teenage daughter. If I want to feel good, and set a good example to my daughter, I eat right. And that doesn’t mean counting calories, here are the top three ways I consciously eat.

Listen to Your Body
Do we always know what we need to eat and eat it? Well, we can learn, and we can try and then  try again. Though we may know what we ‘should’ be eating, we might not always want to listen. I take responsibility for my body, so I can either listen and feel good, or I can ignore it and feel sick. It’s a choice; I choose to feel good.

Take a Cue from Yoga
A healthy diet is just like yoga practice, every body is different. What might work for me, may not work for you. As with yoga, I feel it’s important that we try our best to give our body the best and healthiest options that will work for each of us as individuals. Yoga, like eating, is a mindful practice that is specific to each individual’s needs and wants.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up
Always practice ahimsa, especially toward yourself. Try not to take everything so seriously. You will make mistakes, or eat food that will cause you discomfort, but that’s part of living, no one is perfect. A healthy body is a beautiful body no matter what the size.

How do you practice conscious eating?

Stay healthy, friends.

Author: Carmen
Editor: Sarah Head

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