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Yoga Teacher Training Colwood BC

Yoga Teacher Training Colwood BC in Anjana Virabhadrasana

Laura Phelps is the director of Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training in Colwood BC. Here she is doing Exalted Warrior or Anjana Virabhadrasana at Hatley Park Castle in Colwood.

Laura Phelps is the director of the Feel Good Yoga Teacher Training Colwood BC location. She started teaching yoga classes at various locations in Colwood in 1998. Read about the first class Laura taught in Colwood here. This eventually led to the opening of Feel Good Yoga and Pilates in the Reflections building in Langford on Veterans Memorial Parkway in January, 2009.

Feel Good Yoga & Pilates now has over 30 classes each week with a wide variety of instructors all trained through Laura at the studio.

Feel Good Yoga & Pilates has over 60 (from a total of over 300) yoga teacher training graduates from the Colwood area alone who were trained and certified by Laura. Many of these Colwood yoga teacher training graduates are currently teaching yoga on the WestShore and other communities around the world.

The Feel Good Yoga & Pilates studio is located next to Colwood, in Langford, less than 10 minutes away from Colwood, easily accessible by BC transit, car, bicycle or even by foot. We always welcome those interested to call or drop by the studio when we are open.

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Ardha Chandrasana

Laura Phelps, Master Yoga Teacher Trainer doing Balancing half moon or Ardha Chandrasana at Haltey Castle in Colwood